Saturday, September 5, 2009

Shine Down on that Babe of Mine

about 9x11 pastel and watercolor on uart
This is one of the paintings I painted for the Kensington Plein Air Paint Out. The way the light made big shapes made this an easier painting to create. Earlier, at sunrise, I did another of Stephen's house but that one needs a visit to the studio before posting.
I made the shadow shapes first with the watercolor. I was happy that I didn't chase the light after that.


Double "D" said...

O, O, O, wow, wow, wow, wow!!!!!!!!
This vitamin has some serious potency. A true masterpiece of freshness, color, composition and transition. Did this put a big smile on your face? It should have from ear to ear.

It's beautiful Loriann, I'm excited just to be able to look at it. Just such a wonderful, wonderful piece.

I know there are those that say plein air pieces are only quick sketches or studies and shouldn't be classified as finished pieces. Well Buddette, I beg to differ with them. This one is finished, refined and signed. Monet would be proud of this one.

I could go on and on about this one. Suffice it to say, you're good, very, very good.

Your buddy.

loriann said...

Your comments lift my day...thank you! I have been thinking about .what you said about freshness and its ease in plein air vs and the studio pieces (overworked, toiled at). It is sooooo different when I am embraced by the environment and I feel it through my pores. In the studio it becomes more thinking.. ..less responding and I don't know how to change that. pooo!
Do you have any insights? Please tell me a little about your feelings about the two and the way you manage.
I can't wait to see your Maine paintings. Every day, eh? Just use a smaller sheet of paper so you don't feel overwhelmed. An hour or two max and you can whip one of your beauties out and then go join your family on vacation.
Once a gain, thank you sooooo much for all your support. You are a serious sweetie.
Painting Buddette

Donna T said...

Beautiful light in this one Loriann! I'm glad you did well today! I plein-aired too but only in my driveway :-)

Double "D" said...

One last thing ....... I love looking at this painting.
Sorry to gush over it but this baby is beautiful.

Later Bud.

B Boylan said...

I really, REALLY like this one. Are you planning on selling it, or is it already gone? Wouldn't surprise me it is already has a home.

loriann said...

Hi Brenda!Thank you and thanks for dropping by my site. Yes, I did try to sell this one. But it did not find its proper home this time... maybe another time.