Sunday, October 25, 2009

field in full sun

Now I know why I really prefer to paint in overcast skies when it's the peak of autumn. The cacophony of color screams my name and I feel a bit crazed. At mid morning the value is all very similar washed and bright and limited shadows. I worked hard to simplify this open field. In fact I wiped this one out countless times. Still to no avail. I guess this post is about what not to do. Some days are like that;-l


Donna T said...

I agree with you, Loriann, midday light is hard to work with. I really need directional light to show the forms of the trees and those long shadows on fields make any composition more interesting. Your painting looks like a fall day with overhead lighting so consider it a success!

loriann said...

Donna, You are too kind! It's a dog. I guess we all have them. I just expose myself and show them to you. Thus is life :-) Wait for tomorrow''s much better. (tuesday)

Anonymous said...
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