Monday, October 26, 2009

Silence beside the Pond / Stroke and mood

Stroke and energy, tools that come hand in hand. In Saturdays' post the stroke was energetic in parts, quiet in others. Today my stroke is as quiet as I could make it. Still, quiet.You the artist determines how the viewer sees.
Now out to the field for some more sunset work.... I'll post it tomorrow. Big Daddy at sunset.


Double "D" said...

Another Beauty Buddett!

I think I want to try this practice, like you, in a more finished way. I learn so much from you.
Now I need to start!

loriann said...

Hey Doug!!!
I hope your sinus infection is over. You sound like your peppy self.
Yes, I would agree... I had no idea how much it sharpens my "value equals mood" chops. Enjoy.

Karen said...

So true, that we always need to NOT copy, but rather interpret and determine what the painting needs.
Love the softness here. And Saturday's trees have tons of volume to them.

loriann said...

We really do have so much power, don't we Karen? One only needs to fully realize it.
When painting this one I was trying to show twilight, after the sun sets and the sky is still light but the land forms are flatter. Maybe I will try it again before moving to color.

Jala Pfaff said...

Mmm, so nice.

loriann said...

thanks for your kind comments Jala!