Saturday, October 31, 2009

soft pink veil

This one was painted on location. It really amazes me how pink/violet the whole landscape appears when it is so overcast. It's as if the landscape was wearing a veil. Happy Halloween!


Deborah Paris said...

Loriann- your close values and more tightly focused color harmonies are paying real dividends. Lovely work!

Double "D" said...

Great values and I like the lower perspective on this one. You've certainly captured the overcast feel with a monotone look. Although it's not monotone, I'll bet the underpainting was awesome.

The success continues.

Your painting buddy.

brian eppley said...

This is glorious. Your studies are paying off big time.

Leah said...

Very nice! Did you go for a row?

loriann said...

Thanks so much Deborah! Your comment means a lot to me! I'll keep plugging along:-)

Hi my painting buddy! Monotone,but not monotone...hmmm let me think about that. I will send you the underpainting. It was hard to photograph in such low light. I am now working on a big one from this.

Hi Brian and thanks a million!!!!!

Leah!!!! It's always great to hear from you! They have dry docked all the rowboats...although I did think about bringing my kayak up there for some early morning/dawn paddles. You would read my mind! L2

Leah said...

I wish I could join you for a paddle under the violet veil.