Sunday, November 1, 2009

a world of plum and sienna

Oh what a difference a day makes! After a night of rain the golden and pink leaves have disappeared. In the rain this morning the world appeared to be a mix of plum and sienna. I found a little overhang so that I could paint and not be soaked:-) In this weather the values are so close with just small shifts in temperature. I do love these rainy day landscapes and autumn is pure magic.


Brian McGurgan said...

Beautiful reflections and muted color here, Loriann - I like the pinkish glow of the water. Lucky that you found some shelter - I got caught out in the rain yesterday too and didn't get much work done. Lucky I had the umbrella but I still got soaked and had to pack everything up quickly so my pastels and paper didn't get ruined. Painting outdoors is tough enough when the weather is cooperative, but it doesn't take much - a little rain or wind - to make it really difficult.

Double "D" said...


It's amazing to me that you get so much inspiration from one location. You have the ability to see light in all it's mysterious ways. This is very nice. I will never tire of your paintings.


loriann said...

Hi Brian and thank you. Rain is beautiful, yet a challenge. I have hunted down a few places that I know have a tiny piece of shelter. It helps that way only pouring rain keeps me home. Maybe there are a few places near you as well. I loved your last painting.

Hi PB!
For me inspiration grows as I continue on the exact same place. It's about the emotional connection and the release from representation. When you know a place you can go deeper. Thank you so much for all your support. As you know I always look forward to your comments.


Karen said...

I've been almost waiting for the rain these days! I love it, like you said. It's just so fantastically quiet. (plus less people out walking around to bug you!)