Thursday, November 19, 2009

How much do you need?

My question much can I take out and still leave enough?? Strip it down to the most fundamental aspects of the landscape. Can it still say landscape? Have a mood?
Lots of doctor, PT and tests today...busy. Hopefully I will get more done tonight. Paul is beginning to have some independence. Yay!


Double "D" said...

Well, at least we haven't reached the infinite desert yet. Loriann, with you doing the stripping down the landscape I feel you have at least 3 more versions to draw. Umm, maybe there is 4 versions. Minus one tree, minus 2 trees, minus the background hill and then take away the land and the horizon which leaves nothing but sky or space. Question, how do you know it's sky or space. I'm sure you'll come up with 5 or 6 more.

I think this one is great, the mood is mystery ... did those trees over there just move closer? Something is hiding in the grass, I feel it.

Best to Paul and his continued independence.

Your painting Buddy.

SamArtDog said...

There's no 6 ways about it; next to something like this, my stuff looks downright cluttered. Makes me want get out the vacuum, but I still don't think I could suck enough pastel off of it to match your strip tease.

Anonymous said...

Obviously not much, but what what an impact!

Anonymous said...
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loriann said...

You are too much Doug!!! Do you think I am going too far? Na...not that...
Paul says thanks!

Hey Sam..heeeheehee you make me laugh. I guess I have really hoovered the landscape beyond belief. Today I put some back.

Hi Marianne...just testing my limits:-) thanks for your comment!

Jala Pfaff said...

This is great. You know me, I thoroughly believe that a single division of space with just a horizon line, is enough to say "landscape."

loriann said...

I thought you would agree Jala! Hope you are enjoying Costa Rica.