Wednesday, November 4, 2009

searching for the illusion of mystery

about 8 x 15
Excitement rules when there is fog predicted!
This morning a light fog lay on top of low lying areas and water....oh la la! Fog and its cousins, mist and haze, are wonderful things: they evoke mystery. The  underpainting was far more successful on this account: subtle tonal shifts with delicate edges. I think I became too "sharp" in the pastel version. As the haze lifted I painted portions of the changes. Bad move. While it is not a "bad" painting I think the underpainting is better. Less is more once again wins.
I think I will rework it when i am back in the studio.


Double "D" said...

I can see the difference you're talking about. As you say the lighting and atmosphere changed as you went from underpainting to pastel. When you do the misty version in the studio, then you'll have two very nice paintings. Not all bad in my book. Still like the underpainting. It would be a lovely painting all by itself.

Say, do you have a path worn to this location with a sign by the road that says "Loriann's Place Keep Out!" ?

Melinda said...

Oh, I think you have two very successful paintings here. I do see that the first under-painting expresses the fog you were seeing more so than the finished one.

A foggy day is so rare around here that to see one is to stop everything and stare slack-jawed and happy. Driving in it? Not so much...

Karen said...

Oh I hate it when I do that: paint the changing light! Interesting about the edges here, too. I see a change in the light/mood as you sharpened the edges. But being outside of your head/ doesn't look 'less good' to me, just different.

Brian McGurgan said...

I like the color and composition in this one very much, Loriann. My first thought on seeing the finished pastel was of winter time - probably because of the crispness of the air and water, which almost suggests ice. Both the pastel and the underpainting are really lovely.

loriann said...

Hi sorry for my delayed reply, I have been incredibly busy!

Doug, Yup I have a path that's very worn..but I allow others.anytime you want to join me just let me know. Thanks about the versions. I think today's (November 5) is much better.

Hi Melinda, i am so sorry you don't have fog...but I am sure you must have another weather jewel like happening to enjoy. Thanks for your comment.

Hi Karen! I am certain that you understand what I mean about the chase. I am glad to hear it doesn't appear "less good."

Hi Brian, You are so right it really appears very winter for that is how it felt. Thansk you!

Jala Pfaff said...

I love the underpainting! I think you're right, too much sharpness in the pastel version. Though that's a very nitpicky thing to say, really, given its loveliness.

loriann said...

You're right's too sharp.