Saturday, November 14, 2009

third version- square

The next format to try was the square. I saved the best format for last.  The mood is  I will think about color.

On another separate note Paul is now home, hobbling around with my help. They say it is 4 weeks till full movement. He is on crutches and can get up and down stairs. Will time go quickly? or slowly? hmmmm. Thanks for all your well wishes.

Till tomorrow!


Katherine Kean said...

I love the mood on this one - and the mystery.

I'd like to add my wishes for Paul's quick recovery!

Double "D" said...

OK, I've seen the errors of my ways.

I like all three formats and this will blow your mind.
I like the vertical best. You did a great job Loriann showing all of us the possibilities. I look forward to the version with color, although I'm becoming fond of these value studies. I hope you plan on matting and framing them. Glad to hear that Paul is home and that he's getting around on crutches. I'm sure he'll toss them aside real soon.

Have a great weekend.
Your painting buddy.

Jala Pfaff said...

Ooo, super nice. This is my fave.

Good luck to Paul!

loriann said...

Hi Katherine and thank you. To me this is the most successful mood. Thank you too from Paul and me.

Hey PB
The vertical??????why?
I too like doing the value studies. I must admit, to me, they are very relaxing, something I need right now. It's almost like doing them takes only half of my brain.
Paul has been trying stairs with crutches. He is exhausting himself. We both can't wait till he can toss them!
Have a great weekend and I will be checking your site.

Hi Jala! Your fave, eh? Mine too.
Paul says thanks.

NJ ART 73 said...

Hi Loriann
I am glad to hear that Paul is home. Best wishes on a quick recovery.
I like the square format but I think that the between all of them the first and second format variations work best for me. but then again I think that they are all successful because each brings out certain qualities in the scene. In this variation I enjoyed how that smaller tree shape on the left echos the larger dark tree shape on the right.
Square formats can be difficult because it can become a challenge not to center the main subject. Have you noticed that the square format seems to becoming more popular? A while back I went into the art supply store and noticed an increase in the number of square sized Ampersand panels. I have also seen this "trend" in art supply catalogs regarding square sized canvases and boards.
It will be interesting to see how adding color will affect the mood of this landscape.

Brian McGurgan said...

I'm a sucker for squares lately, Loriann, and I like this best of these value studies. They all have a beautiful, subtle texture and an expressive range of values. And while you are calling them studies I agree with Double D that they would look great in frames.