Monday, November 16, 2009

vibration between colors

8x 8 pastel on watercolor Uart paper

Today's focus- paint the vibration, the sensation between the colors.  That doesn't mean the exact colors, but instead the feeling they make when they dance together. I had only one hour to paint while Paul slept. Time limits can be good too.

Update on Paul: yesterday he spent the day in the hospital (possible blood clot, yipes!). He is home now, but the most time I can spend away is one hour. Lucky part, my studio is right next to the bedroom and I can keep a good eye on him.


Casey Klahn said...

This is very effective. Quite a range of color, and still unified - a lesson for us all.

loriann said...

Hi Casey and thanks! I tried to keep it unified, yet I wonder if I kept it too safe. Can i push it more? Maybe next time.

Double "D" said...

Loriann, these are such beautiful colors, very mellow yet striking. You made good use of your hour.
Sounds like maybe the recovery should slow down a bit. You are both in my thoughts.

Your painting buddy

SamArtDog said...

Sorry I'm late to the game, but try not to worry about Paul. The combination of being an athlete and having a good therapist will make all the difference; you'll both be amazed. Hip replacements are very doable compared to knees. Mine was shattered by romping dogs, of all things. Ten months in PT proved that it was all about the therapy and my own determination. Btw, I think physical therapists are saints. It'll be a real love/hate relationship for sure, but love them he will. Best wishes to you both!

SamArtDog said...

P.S. Though it's no surprise that I like the vertical, your squares seem more complete. Bottom line, I love your stuff!

loriann said...

Hi PB!
Thanks for your thoughts. Paul has put on the brakes for now. It's hard to slow down sometimes. As for using my hour... I felt blessed to have it. While I continue to work helping Paul I constantly am painting in my head so when I finally get to the studio or plein air it feels like I'm a horse jumping out of the gate! It's great to have blogger friends like you!
thank again, buddette

Hey Sam and the dogs,
Never too late! Thanks for your reassurance. Ten months in PT..yipes,!!!!!! that's an awful long road. Glad to hear you are better now!
Thanks too for your positive comments about my work. Positive feedback always feels good...but also feel free to give me constructive criticism. We artists work in our little vacuums. I will always listen (not always change..but listen:-)
cheers, Loriann

SamArtDog said...

Jeez... 10 months sounds like I was a slacker! Granted, it wasn't pretty and I was no princess, but when I say "shattered", I mean they had to build me a whole new knee out of nuts n bolts n bone graft n sealing wax. I made 'em take out the nuts n bolts later so I could get through the airport. Point being, if I could do all that, Paul should make it through just fine.

Ipskipskyblue said...

L, I think this one is stunning. I sure miss you popping into the library to see me. You always brighten up my days at work! Can't wait 'til you're back. Thinking about Paul and hope things go smoothly from here. Let us know if you need anything! XO, D

Karen said...

I love the color vibration...but I love the tree's trunks so much too...and the movement from them all the way into the soft distance.

Informative format studies, too...thanks for posting the different versions!

Best to you and Paul, also.

Brian McGurgan said...

That was a very productive hour, Loriann! This has a beautiful autumn feel to it and the shimmering color is really effective. I love the way you've expressed the dense stand of tree trunks and of course that red-brown foliage.

Hang in there and best wishes to Paul for a speedy recovery!

Donna T said...

Gosh, Loriann, I admire you for even being able to think about painting at all with the possibility of a blood clot in your poor hubby. I hope that's all behind him now.

I like your color vibrations! Do you think that if you pushed the colors more you would lose the realness of the scene? Or would that even matter? Can we have mood, vibration and reality in one painting? Sorry, too much coffee this morning!

loriann said...

Hey Sam, I certainly didn't mean to imply you are a slacker.... wow what an ordeal you went through! Thank goodness you made it!

Hi Domi
Thanks for your thoughts and comment! I miss you too!!!!

Hi Karen, understand all, don't you? The tree trunks are what drew me to the scene. We think alike!
Paul and I thank you!

Hi Brian!
Shimmering color I like the sound of that! Thanks for your comment!!!

Hi Donna!
Paul knows painting is part of my life that keeps me sane. I completely plan my time around him right now.
Good question....can you have mood and vibration in the same painting? And then to top it off reality???? I guess I will keep going and find out.