Friday, December 11, 2009

explorations-new ways to glaze

18.5 x 20 on BFK
I have thought about this one for a long time. I have also been experimenting with a new way to glaze my pastels that can match the way I am trying to glaze with oils. I am somewhat "indelicate with color." (to say the least) When I want a pink/ orange glow I go full speed much for neutrals, eh? This was painted on top of the sepia grisaille. I may go back into it after the fixative firmly dries...but I think I will let it sit till tonight.
The diva is the glow at the edge, where tree, water and background mass case you can't tell.


Double "D" said...

The Diva is beautiful, what a wonderful glow and choice of colors. I like this one very much, it's much softer than your other color version. You say indelicate with color, compared to me you're the most delicate user of color on the planet.

Critique wise, the only thing I see that might be cause for change is the foreground land mass. When I'm not squinting it always seems to be there in the corner of my eye. When squinting, it just disappears.

I think it's a gorgeous piece B.
Your painting buddy

Anonymous said...

Loriann: This one is luscious! I love the sense of atmosphere. It carries me away to wonder what is beyond the tree mass. When you write about glazing, is that your next step after the fixative? Or are you referring to glazing color over the grisaille?

loriann said...

Hi PB, It's so good to hear... because all I did was trust myself and just paint from my intuition. Then I looked at it and said...oh no..overboard! I will definitely look at the foreground mass tomorrow when I am fresh. Thanks!!!! I have kept painting non stop since I di that painting. I will post another tomorrow.

H Marianne, Thank you thank you!!!!! If I have the atmosphere I am happy. As far a process, I do a grisaille, fix, underpaint with pastel, fix, rub, scratch, pastel, fix and then again. I feel like somewhat of a mad woman, but I am loving it. Thanks for your comment!!!! I am sure glad they are finally coming through after I took off comment moderation. Hopefully no more Chinese porn will squeak through;-)

Double "D" said...

Hey B, I know your passion and energy. You probably won't but do yourself a favor, don't burn the candle at both ends. Easy for me to say, I know. Just take care.

Your painting buddy

loriann said...

Thanks PB... you know my tendencies all too well... maybe they are yours too?????
I am finished for the day now.
good night