Saturday, December 12, 2009

it finally makes sense...epiphany

10x10 pastel on BFK
Well, it finally makes sense. What you ask? The answer is to trust. It is the intuition that has the answers. I  have been studying the light forever, now I just need to trust that I know or can find  the answers and go with it. Search inside...look at nothing.
This is a memory painting. I saw it, verbalized the colors on the spot then ran home and painted. The glow was there! The BFK helped because it's smooth and the glazes just flowed like paint.


Leah said...

Trust in your intuition is the answer to everything! This is beautiful ... and it's a skyscape!
What a joyous view to start the morning.

Double "D" said...

Good Morning B,
What gorgeous light and painting.
You have phenomenal intuition and the ability
to paint it. You always amaze me B!
I could use some of your intuition.

Have a good weekend and don't forget to recharge.
Your painting buddy.

loriann said...

Hi Leah! First, I miss you. Second, thank you. I know you always tell me to trust my intuition...but I didn't know that meant painting TOO! I guess it is all in there. Even skyscapes.
hugs, loriann

Hey PB!!!
Thanks for the stroke. If i have the intuition you do too. After 35+ years of painting you have it. Trust.

Janelle Goodwin said...

Yes, the intuition is full of rich material for creativity. You've obviously tapped yours in this glowing painting of the sky. The same with your last painting!

Nika said...

Wow, this one really has an "eternal" feel to it. This kind of sky is something each one of us experienced thousands of times and this painting makes it immediately recognizable on the deep level, it's more then a mere representation of a sunset. Feels so good to trust you intuition, isn't it?
When you talk about glazes with pastel, what exactly do you mean?
I layer thick creamy pastel over thin and hard, but that's not exactly glazing.

loriann said...

Hi Janelle, Yes, it's almost a relief to know I can trust it finally! And thank you!

Hi Nika and thank you! What a compliment...if that is true I have succeeded (in this one.)
As for glazing, I begin with layers of lighter pastels yellow, pink etc and intentionly add the next layer as a soft stroke or a feathery scritch scratch. One layer on top of another always letting the bottom show thru, building by intention.It doesn't make a difference about hard or soft, I interchange them. Sometimes a harder pastel on a soft acts like a spreader.
When I scumble I put chunkier lighter colors on dark by scratching so it doesn't mix. Sort of like oils.
Does all that make sense?

Maggie Latham said...

Loriann, this is just...well....WOW! It looks like an oil with lots of scumbling and glazing. You are inspiring me to get my fingers dusty once again!
Have you tried experimenting with a Preval sprayer and diluted acrylic medium in between layers of pastel? I spent a few months experimenting with this and really liked the kind of liquifies the pastel and can have some very interesting effects, It also means you can frame without glass....
keep going with your intuition and inner voice.

Nika said...

thanks for elaborating, Loriann. It sounds similar to drybrushing to me, which I like to do.

loriann said...

Hi Maggie, No I have never even heard of a Preval sprayer. It sounds interesting. Do you have anything on your site that has been treated with it? Framing without glass sounds great.

Hi Nika...dry brushing, eh? hmmmmm. I look forward to see your work sometime soon.