Tuesday, December 22, 2009

finding the song

Didn't have much time this morning and it was raining at sunrise. So I drove down the street and parked the car  in the first spot off the road. My challenge was "to make something of it." There was a billboard right in front of me and a interstate 15 over the hill. Hmmmmm. We artists are supposed to be able to make it sing right???? Yes I have had much better paintings, but this was a good exercise. Now back to the family;-)


Double "D" said...

It sings to me!

I've seen this light before in CA. This is really perfect from my memory anyway. I can smell the rain on the foliage and great atmospheric perspective. Soft, very soft. No one would ever imagine a billboard or interstate from your painting.
It's a real hummer. :->

SamArtDog said...

nice dodge on the "take 5"; means you'll never have to stop. good news 4 us all!

socal with its dreamy light is all around. loved palm springs desert skies, as well as your finding beauty on I-15. also, bill wray (williamwray.blogspot.com) posted another wonderful L.A. urban landscape today.

more snow coming for us tonight, you lotus eaters!

loriann said...

PB, so you know this light...? The biggest satisfaction in this one was derived from playing with my tools to try to make it work. Glad you think it hums:-)

Hey Sam, thank you about the dodge..heehee ! I will check out Bill's post as well. Enjoy your snow. I wonder if mine will even be there when I return. Till later.

Donna T said...

I don't know, Loriann, maybe you should have included the billboard, they're usually so classy :-) This one sings just fine! Being able to see the beauty is one thing; being able to get it down and express it in a painting is another and you are so capable of doing both! Looking forward to the next song from out there!

loriann said...

Hi Donna,
Thanks for your kind words. I keep trying to learn new songs. Have you been doing snow landscapes this week?