Sunday, December 20, 2009

push and pull

Push and pull with color.  Long ago I studied the work and writings of Hans Hoffman's work.  He influenced many artists of his time including Wolf Kahn. Hans Hoffman was not only a great artist but a tireless, much loved teacher.  He had a theory about the tension between space, form and color that he called the push/ pull theory. The basic premise is that warm and cool colors work to create a push pull which creates depth, space and above all feeling. I was thinking about Hans Hoffman when I looked at this piece in the mirror.
Long ago, in order to learn from him, I created still lives based on his abstract paintings.
For a little fun check out PBS site for the push pull painting activity. Sam, this is for you, I think it may help your recovery form your broken arm and lonely unisons.  Check out Sam's blog for the story about the break.

I wrote this post as a draft before I left home and I am posting it from sunny California! All I can say is wow am I lucky!  It was a surreal drive to BWI airport with no real plowed interstate, trucks jackknifed on the side, cars strewn here and there and abandoned.  My little Honda FIT slowly inched to the airport.  Yay!  Only 12 flights made it out of BWI and mine was one. They had delayed it first, then announced "hurry , the window for leaving is now...or never." The airplane was de-iced and then up we went to the sunshine above the clouds! We didn't even miss our connecting flight. It was a long very hairy travel day that finally ended happily about 24 hours later. Yay!!!!!

PS More more on the field will continue upon my return. I still haven't figured it out.


Double "D" said...

Good Sunny Morning B,

I thought of you many times yesterday wondering if you made it out. News channels reported that nothing was moving in or out. I'm so glad you've arrived in sunny CA. Enjoy your time there.

About push, pull and tension. I really feel the push and pull in this version. It certainly creates the tension you speak of. Your color choices and technique and placement still amazes me. This is a beautiful piece. My personal choice is still the previous version from Dec 19. Honesty is the best policy and I know I can't fool you anyway.

Speaking of tension, I'll bet there was plenty of that to go around on your drive to the airport. Wow, I still can't believe you made it. Well actually I can, no one would dare delay the famous Loriann Signori. Enjoy Buddette, you'll be missed, but in a good way Suck up as much vitamin D as you can hold.

Your painting buddy, California dreamin.

brian eppley said...

Congrats on getting a plane in those conditions! I'll bet California feels real nice. Your recent work is educational and inspiring. I was looking forward to a snow piece but I guess I'll settle for some west coast stuff. Just kidding, can't wait to see what you do next!

Ipskipskyblue said...

So glad you made it, L! Have a great time in California!

loriann said...

Hi PB,
I agree with you. My favorite so far is the plein air piece, followed by the value painting. My struggle shows with the other pieces. It's funny I have strong feelings about never showing any work that is not my best (in galleries), but on my blog I use it more as a learning tool- an exposed journal. Maybe that's a bad idea. What do you think? -b

Hey Brian,
Yup, you will have to wait for the snow piece. We will all look to you for that. Thanks about my recent work..struggle exposed. Let's see what happens next. Have fun in the snow back there!

Hi Domi!!!! I still can't believe we made it. That hunch about changing my flight sure paid off. Too bad it wasn't a school day, eh?
Enjoy your time off! xoL

Double "D" said...

Hey B,

I will post most anything except real ugly stuff.
Blogging with the interested, educated, knowledgeable, experienced artists and artists who are learning. (all artists are learning but you know what I mean) It's an opportunity to learn from others, at times offer our own experience. If I were to post only gallery quality paintings, my posts would be infrequent at best. I'm sure some folks are not comfortable with posting something not quite perfect in there eyes. It's strictly a personal choice. I think that most viewers are relieved that everyone paints dogs (sorry Sam). We're humans and individuals. Neither choice is wrong.
I hope you can make something out of these ramblings.

Seems like this time of year in CA is what they call polaroid weather. Sunny, blue skies with temps in the 70's day after day

Take care and enjoy B.
Your painting buddy.

p.s. I agree with the soft value painting and the plein air piece. Both are wonderful.