Saturday, December 19, 2009

sunrise/ plein air study

10x10 pastel on BFK
I knew I wanted to study the color more since I didn't seem to be getting it. So I returned to the field site at twilight (Thursday morning) and waited for the sun to rise just above the horizon. Then, early Friday  morning  I went back to the studio to do another painting but this time by memory...of course I always had the reference available this time. I will post that later.
I am writing this late Friday evening/early Saturday morning. We are in our first major snowstorm (in years) and I  am scheduled  to leave from the airport this morning. Keep in mind that in Washington DC 4 inches of snow closes down the city and we are expecting 1-2 feet!  Everyone will go insane!  I hope to be off to visit my Daddio and his wife Mae in California. My whole family goes. It's a fun time. I love spending time with everyone... but of course I will paint. It is beautiful out there. If the airport shuts down you will be seeing a snow painting.


Double "D" said...

Hope you're in the air!

This is excellent, it feels very close to the value study, plus the colors don't dominate the vision. I like this composition as well. It's all very subtle but all very perfect. I think you've found the answer! Beautiful B!

Nika said...

travel safely. this one is a beauty!

SamArtDog said...

Sorry to hear you're trying to fly out in the Storm O' The Century. Hope you make it; CA sounds sublime. If you don't, enjoy the plein air of your studio! In either case, looking forward to your next stuff.

Casey Klahn said...

I think the strong dissonance in the left foreground is what makes it for me. And, the sky color is coherent, and very pleasing.


Travel safe.

loriann said...

Hi friends, PB, Nika, Sam and Casey!
I made it! More on that later..... it was so nice to open my computer after an extremely long trip and read all of your comments. The plein air painting shows the subtlety as PB noted and the color is coherent as Casey noted. Now, when I return from California I will go back into this with more knowledge. See today's post one I completed on Friday, before the storm of the century. Thanks everyone!