Thursday, December 17, 2009

value, color and concept...why not to rush

Hmmmmm, so we have established that value is most important. For a good read check out Karen's post about value. So now I will move onto color.
This painting was done from a sketch created on my morning walk at the lake. The light was very low still near ground level, but off in the distance.

Then in the studio I impulsively ran ahead - right into a small color painting, without doing the value painting. Whoops. The value painting shows me what is important, the reason why I am doing the painting. The quick sketch determines the basic shapes and idea.  Long way of saying the first painting failed, even though the colors were good.

So now with the value painting done I will begin again. Now I realize that the choices will be all about how to express the beautiful, melancholy soft light of the dawn and the cycle of life and death. Light and dark are much closer.


Nika said...

This is a nice value study. It's amazing how little "information" a painting needs to have in it to keep us interested, provided there's a good balance to it. When you're finished with the second color painting, it would be interesting to see two color paintings side by side for comparison.

Donna T said...

Sorry I haven't had much time to tell you how valuable your recent work with value has been to me Loriann. Getting those values established first really is the most important thing. I am absorbing all of this like a sponge! Thanks so much!!!

SamArtDog said...

Glad it was your mistake, not mine. I can screw things up just fine on my own. Thanks for going first. Now we'll see if I can get a clue...
Btw, your word verification said "forwoo", so I ordered a Unison full set. Blame the dog.

Double "D" said...

Hi B,

I know it's the 3rd step for you but it's such
a wonderful value study. So soft, so quiet.
One of these days when I'm rich I'm going to have
you do a set of 3 value paintings for me. I would
love to have them hanging on our walls. That would be so cool. I'm really into your value paintings right now in case you can't tell. No critique today, I like this one some much I would be telling a fib if I said something bothered me. WAAAAAwesome!

Your painting buddy

loriann said...

Hi Nika, You are so right, you really don't need that much information. Less is more. I may show even some of the dogs (sorry Sam) as I wrestle through this one...maybe tomorrow.

Hi Donna, I have been missing you lately. I am delighted to hear you are enjoying the value work. Have you been creating some of your own?

Hi Sam!
Full Unison set woohoo!!! You won't regret it!