Tuesday, December 15, 2009

waiting at the light 1 and 2

10x10 pastel on BFK
So there I was in a line waiting at the light. There was a fog that made an orange- pink cottony glow. The sun was just beginning to come up between the trees.  I was one my way into school. I teach 2 classes this morning. No time to stop and paint. I whip the camera from my glove compartment (it's always with me) and fling my hand out the window and snip the picture just as the light turns green.
I did the value painting at night. Now I am ready to go onto color.


SamArtDog said...

Some thoughts:
1) Like your PB, I'm noticing your new horizon. Har har.
2) Have you noticed (of course you have) that light seems to be flashing all around you? What's cool is that you are so very aware these days, so very attuned. Stay with it.
3) Interesting that when the days are darkest, light is everywhere.
4) I really can't wait to see this one develop!

loriann said...

Hey Sam and the dogs,
1. I am delighted you are noticing ... I am in a constant state of excitement. And don't you justlove my PB? I really like that he will now give me real critiques. We bloggers spend alot of time boosting each other...and sometimes we need real feedback.
2.I'll stay as tuned as i can:-)
3. I guess the need is there.
4. I think I just finished the color...now I will let it sit and see if it blooms.
Thanks Sam!

Double "D" said...

Hey B.

This fantastic!!! New subject new everything. When I first saw on the blog roll I said to myself, what's she up to now? Then I got here and wow, these are Monet's if I've ever seen one.

Critique, Maybe a bit more foreground just to move the horizon light up a bit, may 1". Then make the image slightly more vertical than square, ( Yeah, that's right, I said vertical). Or you could just leave it alone because the more I look at it the more my eye feels comfortable with the composition.
The one thing that upsets me the most is now the value painting is gone. That color version better be something B.

One more thing, thanks for talking me up to Sam and the dogs. Just don't make me sound to great because I don't need the pressure or stress. Hee, Ha, Ha. Later B,
Your painting buddy,

Karen said...

You're an inspiration...the way you pull out the camera in a split second...all it takes is that second of 'seeing'.
I don't think these need much color at all! I LOVE the lights, the bit of the city creeping in...just a hint.

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh. I can picture your morning scenario unfolding. Your speedy reaction to capturing the light was terrific. Looking forward to the end of the story and seeing your handling of the color. Drive safe!

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh. I can picture your morning scenario unfolding. Your speedy reaction to capturing the light was terrific. Looking forward to the end of the story and seeing your handling of the color. Drive safe!

Leah said...

Can't wait to see the colour!
"Morning light, sun rays gold light, breaks through the misty cloud..." from a morning verse that I often use to open cirle in the morning.

Melinda said...

I love this!! It has such an eerie immediacy that captures the weather and place. Can hardly wait to see what you do when you add color.

It's great that you keep your camera in the car. Great idea!

loriann said...

Hey PB,
You never know which rabbit I will pull out of my hat, do you? Monets you think? Thanks for your vote of confidence.
I already did the color so I will still look again to see about foreground addition. I can always do another. I hope you like the color version.
And you can handle a little talking up...I think you will do just fine:-) Check out her site she has the silent monk singing youtube video.
cheers, b

Hi Karen!
I am not sure about an inspiration..just a nut. I admit I sometimes drive and just stick the camera near the windshield. I don't look through the view finder...a true point and shoot. (heehee) Some of the best sunsets happen when I am on the major highways like the beltway. It works. Later I am always surprised to see what image I have on the camera.

Hi Marianne!
I am glad to provide you with a good giggle. I will continue to "try" to drive safely...it's just the beauty of the land is sometimes too much for me!
Check back tomorrow I will post the color.

Hi Leah!!!
Cool opening verse. Is that what it is often like in Nova Scotia? Check back tomorrow!

Hi Melinda! And thank you. My camera fits nicely in my glove compartment. I bring it everywhere I go. As for really recording color I have found that my "memory missions" work best. That means I stop and absorb all the color I can. I articulate, out loud, the color I see and how I would paint them (what color goes over what). Then to the studio. If I can't get there right away I right it down in my handy sketchbook, also always in the car.
Have fun with your Grand Canyon! What a enormous undertaking!