Monday, January 18, 2010

going from small to big

Going from small to big takes a lot of planning, for me. The concept has been growing in my head for awhile now and it's the right time of year. At this time the "blue twilight" is present. I love those moments before the sun goes over the horizon. The day is full of unseen possibility and wonder. In this painting blue will be the underlying color as the fog waits for day.
I begin with notans, tiny sketches that help me understand the compositional possibilities.  Insights about how the masses and values will relate on an abstract level are beginning.
The next step is a value painting. It needs to make me feel, even before color is there.

For me it, picking the value painting was a "no-brainer." the top one just flowed. The middle painting was a struggle and its idea may need to be saved for another painting and refined. At the bottom you can see the notans. 


Donna T said...

I look forward to seeing this painting evolve, Loriann. Interesting that you say it has to make you feel even before the color is added. I love my monochromatic beginnings and struggle not to lose the 'feel' when I add color but it seems that people prefer color in their paintings! Thanks for showing your notans too - so simple but so important!

loriann said...

Hi Donna!
You are so right about the monochromatic beginnings they say so much and we as artists try not to lose their feel.
Are you still up there in Frederick? Have you seen the show down at the NGA "Renaissance to Revolution:French drawings from the NGA?" It's so amazing to see the master's grisailles and sketches. Check it out if you can. i think you will really like it.

Karen said...

I love to see the notans and your process. It always reminds me of just how important this step is. Actually more than important--crucial, really.

Double "D" said...


pecking wiyh one finger so short.

loriann said...

Hi Karen! You are right, it's more important than we think.

loriann said...

So there's my PB! Take care of yourself. A torn bicep is nothing to mess with! Now I know where you have disappeared to recently. Take care, b

Casey Klahn said...

That sanguine sketch speaks to me - very great.

Anonymous said...

Loriann: You're right! The top one does flow. I love how the value shapes knit together. Looking forward to seeing the color!

loriann said...

Thank you so much Casey.. you and I seem to share a similar vision.

Hi Marianne! Sometimes it just works like that. You know what I mean.. and that's when it feels good. Cheers!