Monday, January 4, 2010

leah's moon

Have you seen Marla Baggetta's marvelous 100 variations?  Here's a link. For a real treat check them out now.  WOW! Watching her do those inspired me to work on my own version of variations. Here is another form the long verticals/lake needwood. As per her suggestion, I just began with a color and watched where it took me. I did not know I would be doing the blue moon snow version when I began. I just wanted to meld the idea of calm areas and energetic marked areas.

On another note, my best friend Leah loves the moon, especially the blue moon. So this one is for her. The blue moon only happens every once and awhile. The moon has a cycle of 28 days and a blue moon means the ending of 2 moon cycles in one month, otherwise two full moons in a month. This year it happened on new year's eve. All kinds of celebrations happen on the blue moon.


Leah said...

Oh my! Words escape me ... it's hard to write with tears (of joy) in one's eyes. I will leave the eloqent descriptions to the artists who visit your blog. I'm off to work with the promise of seeing a similiar vision in the Nova Scotian skies this morning.

SamArtDog said...

i'm sure i saw leah's moon here last night and again this a.m. (w/red trees?). stunning is over-used, but that's what it was. now it's GONE, replaced with another good vertical lake one. how strange! hope leah's comes back and/or i can find it again. the vanishing act happened while i was wandering spellbound over at marla's miracle variations. whew! what a trip that was! pretty sure i don't know where i am now, but sure i've got a lot to think about...

B Boylan said...

Lorianne, this is really lovely. And what a great start! Now you have 99 left to paint.

loriann said...

Hi Leah!!! I am delighted that you like it. A special painting for a special person. Hope you saw a similar version in the NS sky.

HI Sam! Aren't Marla's variations absolutely inspiring! Glad you enjoyed the link.

Hi Brenda! Thank you. This is number 4 so far. One was plein air, the other a studio piece based on the plein air , then the next- an orange version. I will post the orange tomorrow. I am going up to the studio now to start another.

Edgar said...

REally love your work, loriann! Gorgeous.

loriann said...

Thanks so much Edgar! I appreciate your words of support. Come back anytime!

Double "D" said...

Evening B,
Getting a slow start today, I guess I'm slow, it's almost tomorrow.

Love the marks (brushstrokes) in the sky that look like the Northern Lights shimmering in the sky.
Thanks for the heads up on Marla sight. Sounds like a great idea. I took another shot today and so far it's missing the mark. I had a plan ... 15 seconds into it I forgot I had a plan .. focus doug, focus.
Until tomorrow B.
Your painting buddy.

Susan Roux said...

I went to Marla's variations. Wow! It reminded me of photoshops quick way to change every image to a different color family. Sounds like a great project to try.

Your work is very dreamy and calming. Nutrition for the soul! I could just get lost in it...

Anonymous said...

Loriann: When I read the article about Marla's 100 variations in the Pastel Journal last fall, I immediately thought of you and your luscious series of paintings of the fields, the river and the lake.

Leah's Blue Moon is sumptuous. Thus one really shimmers with color.

loriann said...

Good morning PB,
Northern lights in the sky, I guess you are right. Do you see them up in Michigan?
Seems like more attention to mark making is necessary for me right now.
That project of 100 that Marla did is amazing.
Keep up the hard work. I loved the last one you posted.

loriann said...

Hi Susan and welcome to my site!
Marla's variations just blew me away! i don't know about the photoshop quick way to change an image to a different color family..hmmm.
Thanks for your kind words,

Hi Marianne, my West Coast friend,
That's funny that you thought of me. When we were last in La Conner together I had been thinking and talking with Richard about this idea. It's where I need to be so that memory is king (or queen.) I love Marla's work with color in these variations. A true inspiration.
Thanks abut Leah's Moon.

Anonymous said...

Loriann: The mind's eye is a powerful force!

loriann said...

You are so right Marianne!