Tuesday, January 5, 2010

variations, continued

orange variation
I am playing with color trying to create volume and luminosity. No references exist now; I am in no man's land (or make that no woman's land.) Relying only on my color intuition, I place a color down and watch. Change one color and they are all different. That simultaneous contrast is at work again.


Anonymous said...

Loriann, I love all the new work you have been doing, especially these and the long format. May I ask what is the filmy stuff apparent on your black tape? Is it a gouache underpainting or a layer of acrylic medium over some of your pastel layers?...just curious.
Maggie L

Anonymous said...

Loriann. I forgot to say…did you ever see a long skinny format watercolour painting I did ages ago? It reminds me of some of your new skinny format pastels. I’ll post it to my blog today or tomorrow if I can locate the file. Thought you might be interested to see it. I may have missed something, and am not in the loop anymore with pastel products….but what is BFK?
Maggie L

loriann said...

hi Maggie!
It's always a pleasure to hear from you. I do love the long vertical. When you post yours i will be sure to check it out. I chose the stretched vertical because I wanted to challenge myself to work with the full depth of the sky. I wanted so few cues only color and value, no things.
As for your questions, the black tape has just pastel on it. I am using no liquid underpaintng right now. I underpaint in pastel and then spray fixative. (You are observant!)
BFK is Rives BFK, not a pastel paper but my old printing paper. i wanted to try something soft. I use fixative, Della's Spectra-fix between layers.
Till later! Loriann

SamArtDog said...

thanks for the 3-at-once. it's almost like watching your mind work. no, make that your intuition play. fascinating!

Double "D" said...

I really like the one that's by itself. Great colors.
Your energy is uncommon. Your focus is pinpoint and your creativity is to be shared. And there you are doing it for all to see. Simultaneous contrast ... I off to the library. Until later B.
Your painting buddy

Karen said...

So good to see what you've been up to! I'm absolutely loving the high-chroma pieces (zing!), and the CA light, and, of course these skinny ones...there is something so surprising about them...and yet they're quite peaceful.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's!

loriann said...

Hi Sam, After reading your comment I knew it was time to build the wall. So I took down many of my studies that are no longer in use, rearranged the others and began a wall of the variations. It's special to watch an idea grow right in front of you. I will post the wall sometime. On another note my intuition is having a great time. Best thing I have done for myself in a while.

Hey PB!
Simultaneous contrast is really what it is all about. You already have an understanding of it..you just don't know you do.
M.E Chavreul wrote about it first and then Josef Albers picked up the idea and extended it. Richard McKinley preaches it. He once shared a quote by Albers, "simultaneous contrast is not just a curious optical phenomenon-it is the very heart of painting." Check out Richard's blog sometime for a real treat. ;) b

Hey Karen and welcome back from sunny Mexico. You were missed!
Yep, I have been wrestling with zing and neutral again (probably always will be.) Glad to hear they feel peaceful for that was the goal. Glad you are back in town! Now let me go check your blog.