Wednesday, January 13, 2010

think, thomas cole (variation 9)

I keep thousands of little papers of color notes. Notes that remind me of  the landscapes and skies I see. I try to record them (later) in my sketchbook. This particular note I looked for and found on my studio floor. I had remembered it well. The painting started out well. I should have known when to stop. When finishing my last strokes I couldn't help think of Thomas Cole.
There are many Cole's downtown in the NGA. Dramatic is a word I would use to describe his work. He was the founder of the Hudson River School of painters. Frederic Church (one of my faves) was one of his students.


SamArtDog said...

Stopping is much harder than starting. Not counting banging your head against the wall.

I like the note the best. Looks as innocently impetuous as a child's drawing.

loriann said...

Sam ooouuch! it's been happening all day.

Adam Cope said...

Pretty impressive changes in these WIP's - no wonder the head's hurting a little!

bravo - pastel on!

loriann said...

Thanks Adam! What is a WIP? I just keep banging that head. Thanks for the encouragement!

Adam Cope said...

Work In Progress = WIP

don't bang too hard, please!

loriann said...

WIP, interesting, I had never heard that acronym before yesterday.