Thursday, January 14, 2010

snowy veil

10x10 pastel
Like a homing pigeon I return to the same sight over and over. I can't quite seem to get this light, although this painting comes closer. The distance needs to fade back which counters the light drama. The softness of a snowy landscape adds a veil over the whole thing.


SamArtDog said...

Looks to me like the island has lost its place and wants to step forward. Will that push back the distance? So many planes of topography makes it difficult to tell.

Put on a helmet and keep bashing against the wall. McKinley says not to try too hard, but I say don't give up. Easy for me to say...

Double "D" said...

Now there is a catch 22. I guess you'll have to be creative paint 12 or 13 more times.
It may not be exactly as you want it to be, but I think it's great. SamARTDOG suggestion about the helmet might be a place to start.

Just a thought, value wise, soften the far land mass about 10% and then soften the two in front of it about 5%. Maybe bring the sun closer to the horizon by adding just a fine line of pinkish, yellowish orange just at the top of the far land mass and call me in the morning.

Later B,
With much admiration,
Your painting buddy

loriann said...

Hi Sam, Thanks for your insights. In this light the island had lost its place and blended into the land masses (good observation), the atmosphere veil was at work. I am thinking that the farthest mass between the right side of the island and the warm lit mass needs to move back (even though it doesn't in reality....but who cares about reality????)
And yes I will keep the helmet handy. I never really ever give up...crazy eh? Thus the need for the helmet:-)

loriann said...

Good idea PB.... only problem is we will be heading to a warm spell and the ice/snow will disappear. (I guess that's not really a problem.) I'll dose out my medicine in the studio and call you in the morning.-b

Anonymous said...

I love the subtle colours in this one. Your work ethic is an inspiration.
Maggie L

loriann said...

Thanks Maggie!!!!!!