Friday, January 15, 2010

winter twilght at the station

10 x 10 pastel
It was a weird night. Helicopters started circling my neighborhood at about 4am. I couldn't sleep so I ran to the car with a new board for painting. Then I drove out of the spotlight's range. This placed me down at Kensington Station, a small train station about one mile away. It was still dark and I admit I was a little unsure of safety so I painted this one in the car. It's amazing to me how the twilight glazes a colored film over what one might think are dark shadow masses.  The biggest challenge was seeing what color my pastels were in the dark. I think I will buy a caving light. Anyone have any experience with one? (for painting that is)


susan hong-sammons said...

excellent painting and excellent practise of creating in less than ideal conditions.
I've used a book light for night painting, cheap and effective.

SamArtDog said...

I like the blue film quite a lot. Pretty. It's why we like that time of day.

My curiosity wants to know what was happening w/ the choppers. Maybe besides the headlamp, you should carry a police scanner. Kind of like a soap-opera-for-the-road.

Melinda said...

This is really beautiful. It's bold, energetic and very expressive of dawn light.

You're very brave! You might want to look into a light that also provides a similar color range as natural light. I've seen people wearing the cave lights. Looks like a good option.

loriann said...

Hi Susan
A book light sounds like a good idea... is that for the painting or palette? And thank you!

Hey Sam!
Thanks about the blue film. You are right it's probably part of the magic of that time of day.
It would be my friend Sam who would want the low down about the choppers. Turns out there was a burglary and the robbers had tried to escape. The police caught one of the suspects but the other high-tailed out of there and in the process his car hit a policeman (he's ok.) The guy then abandoned the car near a wooded park and fled. The park was not far from here. They caught the guy about 7 hours later in DC. (We live on the border between DC and Maryland Maryland side, easy walking distance over the line) Can't wait to sleep tonight...that was a short one.
On another note, I will have the scanner device installed tomorrow, hooked directly to your blog, OK?

Hi Grand Canyon Melissa!
Thank you and I think I will go to REI this weekend for a cave light.

brian eppley said...

Hey Loriann, nice piece! Sometimes I think the inability to see all of our painting tools in low light conditions actually helps. What we are seeing is also hard to tell. I agree with the reading light. I use them a good bit. Sometimes I prefer to predominently light the canvas and let some light hit the palette sometimes vice versa. Be careful with too bright of light. It will kill your vision.If the caving lights have variable intensity they could be good. AC moore has small daylight type crafting lights with a clamp. They are my favorite.

Deborah Paris said...

Headlamps put too much light near your eyes. Your pupils constrict and you can't see anything. Book lights are a much better choice.

Double "D" said...

Gorgeous piece B!
Please be careful with your painting locations girl!!!!!

Hmmmmm, light for painting? Well, a wooden club bathed in tar and kerosene is kinda smokey but provides plenty of light, or the Mini Mag light fit nicely in your mouth so not too close to your eyes and keeps both hands free. Need anymore ideas? Ha, I thought not!

Your painting buddy.

Jala Pfaff said...

Very cool. It really feels like dawn! Guess the choppers should come wake you up every night. ;)
4 am, you run to the car to go I don't even know what to say (the words "insane" and "seriously gung-ho" come to mind).

loriann said...

Hi Brian, Thanks for your input... does this crafting light have a battery? Good points about the amount of light...thanks!

Hi Deborah! Sounds like a book light is the way to go. Thanks for your input.

Hey PB!
I decided that the train station was good because many people go there in the early morning so it would not be deserted. I like your wooden club suggestion might create those beautiful colored particles I love.... and I guess nobody would mess with me if I was carrying a flaming club. Leave it to PB to come up with such a multi-purpose solution;-)

Hi Jala and thanks!
Your descriptions make me laugh! When you have lemons make lemonade right?