Tuesday, February 16, 2010

river at big bend/ value painting and grisaille

9x12 value painting/pastel on BFK

One of my favorite sections of the river is at big bend.  It's a place where I have done  many plein air paintings right here. Using those ideas I created an value painting in preparation for another bigger oil. It's important to create the mood with value alone. "Value does the work, color gets the glory." (Richard McKinley)

 18x24 oil on linen

Then on to the grisaille.
Shapes are important when planning a painting.  Only a few large shapes make a stronger painting. After making your shapes you need to carefully think about shadows and edges. How many edges do you want? (another case for less is more) For a more interesting painting don't contain your shadows let them drift and float.
This is the grisaille for the larger painting. I have been working on just this for 2 days, wiping, scratching, putting on more paint, and rubbing.More about this painting and its genesis later.
I posted two today...this is tomorrow's post..... I have so many things due for my upcoming show in May that I figured since I was on a roll........


Double "D" said...

i like where you're at with big bend.
great start.

loriann said...

WOw...PB..this one will drive me nuts! ...I have raised the emotional bar really high. I'll explain in another post. I worked on it ALL day, painted, rubbed, scraped. I am letting it rest for a day (I hope.)

loriann said...

PB, How is your shoulder doing? Sleeping any? -b

Double "D" said...

cat nap here and there.
shoulder is still slingin it.

loriann said...

No sleep is very rough.... so sorry......hang in there PB!