Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snow on the river / as snowpocalypse rages

12x15 pastel on BFK
All painting is really the same, isn't that true? Meaning we, as artists, think about the same things: value, color temperature, color saturation, color harmony, edges, strokes/brushwork,  and shapes. ( I could add to that list, but to me these are the tops)Right now I am experimenting with color temperature/ edges and stroke. Using a limited palette, a split complementary of green/ blue, blue violet and orange I did this study for another oil painting.
The winds are howling outside as our second blizzard attacks the city. The white out conditions are so intense I can't see out my windows. The windows shake. It won't be long, I fear, till the lights and heat will be a distant memory. Take care fellow bizzardites.


Bob Lafond said...

The act of painting is the same, but the results may differ. You have a great memory. Hey, it's not often I get to comment first.

loriann said...

Bob, you are right, the results do differ. Recently I have been reading both Inness and de Kooning, both searching for similar ideas- transcending paint, both with the same tools... very different results.
Welcome to commenting first! We lost our power for a short time and now it return. I hope the return is permanent.

Donna T said...

Oh, this is so beautiful, Loriann. Couldn't be any softer or moodier. I hope your power is still on. So far so good here (keeping my fingers crossed).

NJ ART 73 said...

Hi Loriann,
What an absolutely beautiful painting! The sense of atmosphere is very rewarding. BTW- we here in North New Jersey finally have gotten hit with a major snow storm. NJ Transit shut down bus service at 7 PM. I spent 3 hours in the parking lot digging out my car and working on a few cars next to it.I will return tomorrow. The sky was a rich blue grey violet-an incredible color!. Hope that you are feeling OK and will be able to dig out by spring. If I heard correctly Maryland has received another 20 inches?
I remember seeing paintings of the Pennsylvania
Impressionists. They would go out in the deep of winter with snow up to their waist and paint. The question is this- did they carry flasks of winter cheer to help them stay warm when painting? I still prefer fall over winter but all this snow has gotten me thinking of painting some snow scenes.

Karen said...

I'm thinking warm thoughts for you!! I've escaped the snow for AZ this week, and what a week to go. I can't believe your house was 34 degrees..:( Hope you're doing okay.
AND you're working through it all...only you.
Aren't limited palettes great?!

Karen E. Lewis said...

Lovely atmosphere and color harmony. How can you do that from indoors? I have to SEE.
Best of luck to you in snowpocalypse. Here in Oregon we have our usual rain. I am studio painting until things warm up.

Nika said...

Oh, what a beauty this little painting is. You got it so right, it's harmonised and I wouldn't change a single stroke!
The previous sunrise painting is simply great, it's amazing how much our brain is capable of holding on to when we train it:)

I'm amazed at your high spirits throughout this snow ordeal and hope you get through it intact. On the bright side, snow presents a great opportunity for studying it's effect on landscape:) Have fun and stay warm, Loriann.

Eden Compton said...

This is beautiful! I love the colors and mood in this!

loriann said...

Hi Donna! I hope you weathered the storm. I was delighted to be snug in my studio this time..heat and light make a huge difference. Thanks about this painting. After I finished it I went on to begin an oil of the same idea.I'll post it later. Hang in there!

Hi NJ, I see we share the blizzard with you! It's crazy. isn't it? When the winds calm down I will be back outside too.For now I will satisfy myself with a journey inward. Thanks about this painting!

loriann said...

Hi Karen,
Lucky you Arizona! I am envious! Keep those warm thoughts coming, they are keeping my house warm and toasty.

Hi Karen Lewis!
Thank you. And the only reason I can do that from indoors is that I know these waters. I have painted them in more than 500 paintings... it's funny I can see them when I close my eyes. Funny, huh?
So you are from Oregon.. beautiful place. Rain and fog are beautiful moody elements. That's what we have usually. This 45 inches of snow is quite rare. Rare and special!

Hi Nika! Thank you about the paintings. I really appreciate your glowing words.... they keep me warm!

Hi Eden! Thank you!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Beautiful! You have such exquisite control over your values and temperatures it's a pleasure to see. Glad that you're back with pastels, too!

Blankets. Check. Candles. Check. Generator. Umm. Could be a challenge! Stay warm. I have gone to Palm Desert to find the sun. Dare I say, 70 degrees and cerulean blue skies?

loriann said...

Thanks Katherine. I think pastels will always be my first love although I admit enjoying oils's just all that darn WAITING!
Palm Springs is a lovely warm and big skies. I am so envious. We were there at Christmas for a couple days. Visited Joshua Tree... wow!
Enjoy your warm, precipitation-free vacation.