Monday, March 22, 2010

classical realism workshop

So here I am in Florida. I am taking a workshop with Sadie Valerie , a classical realist from San Francisco. I chose this workshop for many reasons. One, I read so many wonderful things about Sadie. Two, I wanted to learn more about glazing and traditional working methods. And three, it was the right time for my schedule (since I teach part time my time off is scheduled.)
Sadie is a wonderful giving teacher. She is here to share all she knows and we are here to absorb it.
The process I am learning is slow and somewhat pain- staking, but I am loving it. She says."art is investigation: the final painting or drawing is simply the result." "Look, look, look and when in doubt look more."
The whole day was spent in the drawing stage on a tiny 4x6 piece of tracing paper.  She encourages you to draw with straight lines and gradually find your way to the shape. Exact. Don't settle.
I am drawing my favorite beach stones from Nova Scotia. (Thanks Leah!)
The last moments were for transferring it to the board. When I have time I will write more...of course I have been painting landscapes on pastel when not in class. I will also answer past comments when time allows......till later!

PS sorry for the bad photo:-D


Casey Klahn said...

Sounds great! I look forward to your reports - have fun, too!

Leah said...

Did you take the stones with you?!

Double "D" said...

stones? all day? how did you fight the urge to add color? just kidding, i'm sure this will be a wonderful work shop for you. she sounds like a wonderful person.

ummmmm ... tracing paper, the illustrators secret weapon.


Karen said...

Enjoy yourself!! I too look forward to hearing all about it, when you have time...

Jala Pfaff said...

Hey Loriann, have a great time!
That all sounds a little too painstaking to me... but then, I've done my time! :)

loriann said...

Hi Casey,
My goal is to report back minimally during the workshop and summarize after. Till later.....

Hi Leah,
Imagine that the stones came with me in side my suitcase. Security did take them either. How was your break?

Yes, I have infiltrated the illustrators domain... but not for long. I am not quite sure how this will influence me. Sadie is much information! How are you feeling?

Hi Karen! The information is on the way. Thanks for stopping by.

Hi Jala,
This sounds a bit too familiar, eh? It's amazing to me since all my time in art school (BFA and MFA) I didn't learn many of the things she is teaching. Glad I came.