Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oil underpainting/ spring sunrise

8x10 pastel on oil UArt
Painted a quickie sunrise. I used the oil underpainting I did a couple days ago as the base. My focus was on warm and cool. The whole thing was in my mind before I began since I have been watching this every day so it quickly painted itself.
I am at the airport, on my way to Florida... more about that tomorrow!
Spring is here and life is good!


Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Intriguing layers of color in the sky!

SamArtDog said...

This looks like the cool moment before the sun starts to warm the day. Interesting to see what the colors do to each other in that one beautiful moment.

It's very reassuring to see a warm spring morning. It's warming back up here after Friday's 2 feet of snow and 12 degrees. No, I am not kidding. Looking forward to the 66 due tomorrow but not more snow again by Wednesday. Ack! However, the robins are as cheerful as ever; if they can take it, I can too. Imagine how GREEN the grass will be whenever all this snow finally melts!

I can hardly believe you pastel in the airport! What do you do with it? I mean, how do you travel with it? Travel safe and enjoy warm Florida.

Caroline said...

I love the way the sky is so colourful yet not intense or over bright. You have captured that time of day so perfectly.

Gary Keimig said...

interesting bloog and art.
Keep up the great work

loriann said...

Thanks Katherine!

Hi Sam,
My pastels are always with me, inside my little heilman box. That and a small board will take you anywhere....I also have a lightweight Bogen tripod that attaches to the box, although in certain situations it's better not to take out the whole shabang.

Hi Caroline,
Thank you about the sky. Morning skies are just beautiful.

Hi Gary and thank you!