Sunday, March 14, 2010

close values and big daddy

6x12 pastel on BFK
Still raining, sometimes it's pouring and sometimes it's just a slow weep. Therefore I painted "en plein car" again. The overcast rainy land has close values with layering of warm and cool. Springtime is evident in the blush of rose now in every tree.
This is "big daddy" again. He still stands even though the construction around him is still in full force. Here is a link back to my Autumn version of "big daddy." it's funny how I find him most attractive when the light is low, especially in rain.
Thank you everyone for all your support and your comments about my work. I REALLY appreciate that you take the  time to give your thoughts. No thought or idea is too small or insignificant. You keep me thinking and wondering... but without being in a vacuum.


Donna T said...

Loriann, thank YOU for taking the time to write and share your thoughts with us here on your blog. You keep me thinking and wondering, especially now that I have no time to paint. I'm glad Big Daddy still stands. I hope he puts up a good fight when the day finally comes.

Double "D" said...

hi b,

this is another powerful look at big daddy.
my favorite is the one you did in the rain as the
drops added to the effect of the gouache under painting. awesome!!

maybe someone will see the light and let he and his grove alone. i think you should do a memorial to big daddy and the inspiration he provides to you and to all those who pass by daily. unfortunately they won't notice till he's gone.

SamArtDog said...

Big Daddy is a powerful presence. If they cut that tree down, the developer will be cutting off his own nose to spite his face. It's a no-brainer that it should be preserved as the landmark icon for the whole area.
I know you've already done your part, but don't you want to take your plein air stash and lash yourself to that mast?! In your copious free time, har har?

Karen Bruson said...

Hi Loriann,
Your paintings are so beautiful! Even on rainy days they are warm with color harmony.
I just now got back from Richmond where at least the rain was a warm one. Back here in New England it is a cold rain.
Thanks for leaving comments on my blog.

loriann said...

Hi Donna, How is your move coming along? Did you sell your house? As far s big daddy goes, it seems like the actual road will miss worry is development. I send positive thoughts for his survival.

Hi PB!
I will continue to honor big daddy in my small way. Others are beginning to notice. There was actually an article in the newspaper about my "honoring the lost fields" project. I will continue to paint there and in a way that makes people wonder.. what IS that woman seeing? Then hopefully they see too.

loriann said...

Hey Sam,
Bad earth karma comes to the destroyers of such beautiful lands. I am afraid that not enough real thought goes into the decision making. Tie myself to that mast.... picture that, eh? I haven't given up, don't worry.

Hi Karen, Thanks for stopping by. As a former born and raised New Englander I love the warm luscious Springs of this more southern area. I am not sure I could live in the land of week long Spring again. New England does have a glorious full color Autumn though. See you around!

Karen E. Lewis said...

Nice color. I especially like the light spot at the crest of the hill.

I too do a lot of winter painting en plein car. Great turn of phrase!

NJ ART 73 said...

Hi Loriann,
Again thank you for sharing your art with us.
The palette that you used has captured a sense of place.I also liked how you curved the land instead of drawing a straight line. This created spatial tensions. Is there any way to save Big Daddy? Does anyone have an idea of how old he is? BTW-why are people developing the land-the economy is still trying to correct itself-who is going to buy what they are building? Do artists in your area come together and paint endangered landscapes and then have an exhibition to raise public awareness? I also looked at your previous painting of Big Daddy-the size of the paper that you selected along the palette created an entirely different mood. You have the ability to return to the same landscape and elicit different aspects of it.

Caroline said...

Beautiful painting Loriann. I really love the autumnal colours and the light area by the tree in the centre of the picture. I also love the landscape format.