Tuesday, March 2, 2010

monotype and Degas

monotypes with pastel
In my quest to read more about monotype I have learned many interesting aspects of Degas' explorations of monotype. He used three different methods of inking the plate. 1. subtractive-he inked the plate and subtracted ink 2. he painted ink on the plate 3. He mixed both methods-brushing, wiping even using his fingerprints. This was his cuisine approach. Autumn Landscape by Degas is an excellent example.
What do I like about monotype? Loss of control and flying with the wind. Not only do you get the reverse, but the ink will "have its way with you."A surprise is around every corner.

I have now tried all three methods. And now I know I like the smorgasbord- cuisine approach

Two monotypes with pastel top: bfk, underneath: mulberry
Adding pastel after is a different kind of surprise.
1. 3rd print, more ink again on ghost print, mulberry
2. 2nd print, slightly more ink added to ghost print, mulberry
3. 1st print, on bfk, ink
Oh, two big changes this time-1. used etching ink-very sticky
2. used a piece of plexiglass (I wanted  a square) I thought I would look at it on the reverse as I worked but I was so caught up in the process I even forgot!


Double "D" said...

hi b,
these are beautiful and exciting.
i really admire these and you.
you definitely have the soul of
a very special artist and painter.

loriann said...

You're so nice to me PB!

Jala Pfaff said...

The "cuisine" approach--so, as in "everything but the kitchen sink"...
These are SOOOO COOOOOL!!!!!!!!!

loriann said...

Hi Jala, I think the cuisine approach suits us both! So much to do, too little time!

Brian McGurgan said...

This is really exciting to see and I'm grateful that you've shared your process, Loriann. I will definitely try this soon. I'm busy right now as I'm taking class online with Deborah Paris, but I nearly bought some etching ink and plates when I was picking up a few tubes of oil paint a couple of days ago. Maybe next time! Your results are really inspiring and are just beautiful. How large are these?

loriann said...

Hi Brian, I am sure you are very busy and enjoying Deborah's class. Can't wait to see your recent work. I think you would be a natural for etching.
And yes, these are on a 6x6 plate.