Monday, March 1, 2010

diptych pastel, grisaille and thumbnails

pastel on BFK,  2 panels 6"x6"  and its grisaille (bottom)
Yes, I know I am at a period of transition and struggle..does that mean that it's time to slide under the radar? Nope. I have decided that you may watch me struggle. Thank you Jala for your help.
These are the two parts for my new diptych. I haven't done a diptych since summer, but suddenly I had an idea.
I am working on a oil diptych as well.  I  toned two canvases (16x16 each) with a luscious orange /pink, then made a grisaille on top . I continue to work with these still..same thoughts, different process.
Deep breath.
Thumbnail color studies- This is the one I chose(bottom and much pinker.)


SamArtDog said...

Oh, I like the diptych idea! I didn't know that I was feeling closed in by that right side of your recent paintings. Now that the painting is the one on the left, I see it felt like the edge of the earth. And now that I see the right-side half, I feel like Columbus seeing the other side of the ocean. Or the bear seeing the other side of the mountain.
Did that make any sense? I feel like I might have not known my left from my right. Or something... In either case, I really like the new view. Being a kindred colormaniac, I also prefer the pinker pink thumbnail.

Jala Pfaff said...

Awesome job. Vibrant, cheerful! Happy to observe your artistic growth as long as you'd like us to. :)

loriann said...

Hi Sam, fellow colormaniac! So we agree about the thumbnail. And you are every right about the diptych really changing the feeling of space. Let's see what happens.

Hi Jala and thank you!

Lisa McShane said...

I like the diptych - it's inspired. And love the pink thumbnail.

loriann said...

Hi Lisa! Thanks about the diptych and pink thumbnail!

brian eppley said...

Hey Loriann, I've read about your recent struggles. In my opinion they are self inflicted wounds. Your work is as strong as ever. Growing pains are inevitable in the art journey and we can't get away with an easy route! Once we feel comfortable something must happen to make us uncomfortable. It's a law. As you conquer this latest test I can't wait wait for newest outcome!!!

loriann said...

Brian...hi and ha! Self inflicted you say.... if only you saw what I don't post! Thank you for your vote of confidence. Growing pains are important, I must remember that. Thanks for dropping by~