Thursday, March 4, 2010

picking a postcard image-I need your help please

Second post today, a plea for help. I am picking a post card image. Sometimes you just know...this time I don't. I think it is because I have been working on a painting, hoping it would be the one......that IS ALWAYS dangerous! Well the time is here and these are the choices.
Please everyone come out of the the woodwork and comment on your choice.

top left- buttercups
top right-needwood
second down left -slough
second down right-snow
third down left- topaz reservoir
third down right-daisies /Mom
bottom- green fog


Anonymous said...


In order of my preference 1. slough, 2. daises/Mom 3. green fog

Good luck - love your work


Double "D" said...

hi b,

your paintings came up out of order
so i'm not sure i'm saying the right
title. i like buttercups and needmore.
all are beautiful!

SamArtDog said...

Uh, what did I say before?.....
For the sake of single impact, I guess I'd

Not what you want to hear, but I think I'll wait to see how the voting goes first. I want to take a read on the demographic. Don't worry; asap.

WV- stabo. I'd like to think that's stabilized opinion.

Casey Klahn said...

second down right-snow
that is my fave.

However, the daisies image does come forward very well. Might make a better postcard. I'll pick it as #2.

Good luck with choosing from wonderful choices!

Maggie Latham said...

Hi Loriann,
A hard choice for sure!
From a reproduction point of view I would pick either the top one (blue and yellow landscape) or the one with the flowers in the foreground. It' my experience that mist and softly muted tones are hard to reproduce....although the misty ones represent your work better.... just my opinion though.... good luck!

SamArtDog said...

Okay, this is it... Buttercups.

That makes it 3 buttercups, 2 1/2 daisies, 1 needmore, 1 slough, 1 green fog, and 1 snow. I think. But please notice (I'm sure you did) that everyone had multiple choices.

I think you're still going to have to decide. Oh, dear.

Ipskipskyblue said...

You know this is hard for me, L7, but I'm going with Sam on the buttercups. My Paul votes first choice green fog, second choice buttercups. Can't wait for the show, to see them all in person!

Leah said...

I like the daisies or the buttercups for a postcard. Laura favours the slough. Looking forward to the results.

Karen E. Lewis said...

1 Needwood
2. Daisies
3 green fog

Nika said...

In order of preference:
topaz reservoir
They are all wonderful, but I didn't hesitate for a moment that snow is it. If you'd like me to elaborate more, I'd be happy to do that later.

Joanne said...

Hi Loriann,

I am a flower person.....

First choice: Buttercup
Second choice: Daisies/Mom

loriann said...

Thank you everyone! I won't tally the results till Saturday, so there's still time to vote. I'll reserve my comments till then. You are all wonderful for taking the time to look carefully and respond. Thanks!

Jala Pfaff said...

My two faves: top left, and the one directly below it. Both are very vibrant, and work well for a quick glance (postcard appeal). :)
P.S. I've ordered the walnut-alkyd medium. Wouldn't it be nice if it solved all our problems? (wry smile, yet with a bit of hope)

Mario said...

I prefer the buttercups :)

elly said...

Buttercups and then daisies. Maybe it's because I want spring so much!

Janelle Goodwin said...

I love them all but I think buttercups would read best on a postcard.

Kaylyn said...

I think a lot of people preferring the buttercups live in regions that have been experiencing the never ending winter of 2009/10!! I know I have, and that's my first choice. second would be the Slough, second down on left.

A couple of people gave made comments about reproduction at a small scale and I agree that these two look like the least problematic in that sense.

All are great images!

Pam Holnback said...

My first choice is: slough

i think that one has the best colors and values for a post card.

Takeyce Walter said...

They are all so beautiful... so it's a touch choice.
I do love the depth of the Buttercups painting, but I also love Topaz Rez (pink/green).
Good luck!

Marie G said...

You are right, hard to decide. I love them all! When I looked at each separately and thinking post card I like three best best 1. Daises/Mom, 2. Slough, and 3 Need Wood in that order. let us know what you decide on. Your work is lovely.

Anonymous said...

It would be helpful to number the images to ensure we are voting for our actual choice. Mine is the 4th, reading left to right & down. It is the image with more violet and turquoise (on my monitor) and one of the simpler compositions. All are beautiful, but I am always drawn to your less colorful / limited palette images.

Brian McGurgan said...

Hi Loriann - I think "buttercups" and "Slough" would work really well on a postcard. They are all beautiful so I don't think you can go wrong no matter what you choose.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Buttercups or Needwood are my votes -- but your best choice is the one that comes closest to embodying the theme of the show! They are all beautiful and I agree with others who have said that you can't go wrong with any. Good luck with the show!

loriann said...

I really appreciate everyone's input. I know it takes time and energy to comment. I will make time to visit everyone's blogs in the next week.
As to my somewhat chaotic system for identifying images...I'm sorry. I wish I could have figured out a better way- like numbering- or checking a box (like Casey). Sometimes I am challenged by the machine. More later!!!!