Friday, March 5, 2010

dipytch, oil, in process

each panel is 16x16, oil on linen
This diptych has been on the easel for a couple of weeks. Each day I have painted and rubbed out most of the work. The glazing combined with scraping and rubbing has made richer, more complex color. It's especially noticeable in the reflections in the water.
This painting was inspired by all my work at the slough when I was in Washington State this summer. These links will take you to the pieces that inspired everything: link 1 , link 2 , link 3

It's funny that while I admire the quiet colors of the Tonalist. I will never be one, it's simply not in my heart. My colors are just different.

Thank you to everyone for all the votes I received about which postcard image. I will take votes till Saturday and then send the image. So if you haven't had a chance, please give me your feedback. K?


SamArtDog said...

This one has gotten better and better, don't you think? Deeper and richer. It reads like a good book I don't want to put down. Looks like you don't want to either. I don't think it's finished yet. Right?...

Jala Pfaff said...

The colors (of the two pieces) don't seem very similar on my monitor. Maybe it's just the lighting and/or my monitor! I do see beautifully rich, vibrant color, however! Be glad that you like what you like--I also admire many other styles, but it's not in me to paint like those people.

loriann said...

Hi Sam, Yah, the oil in this painting changes the look- makes that deeper richer feel. Compared to the pastel that is. It's not done, you are right. It's in the "sitting stage." Thank you too!

Hi Jala,
You are right they appear very different on my monitor too. In person there is a more gradual change from left to right. I painted them together on the easel- running the paint from canvas to canvas.
It's just fine to admire other styles that are far different. We can learn from many different angles.

Deborah Elmquist said...

Your diptych is rich and invites you in. I would love to see it in person. I like the term "sitting stage." I never knew what to call that period when I'm letting it rest and come back with a cold read. Wonderful work.

loriann said...

Hi Deborah and welcome to my blog! Thank you about the diptych. I am afraid it may sit awhile. hmmmmm. "Sitting stage" is a term I made up. I make up words and phrases all the time. I usually don't put them in my blog...or no one would understand me. heehee. Glad you think "sitting stage" works.