Friday, April 23, 2010

glutton for punishment, again

10x10 pastel and watercolor on Twinrocker rose HP watercolor paper
I still have some watercolor paper to try. This one, Twinrocker/ hot press has a nicer texture.  The only problem is the buckling that happens after the watercolor is applied. I do tape it down with my usual black masking tape. But it doesn't seem to be enough.
Watercolorists out there...would you make solution suggestions?


VH McKenzie said...

Do you tape it down after wetting it? I've never worked with Twinrocker paper (tho I do have their swatch book and am anxious to order some!) but if you gently soak the paper and then tape it down while wet and then let it dry, of course, before painting.

Double "D" said...

Hi B,

What weight is the paper?
90#, 140# the lighter it is the
more chance that it will buckle.

I tape mine down with white masking tape
from Blick and burnish the edges with my
finger nail. (don't burnish to long or you'll burn yourself.) Then wet the entire sheet and let dry completely. Now you're ready to paint.

Hint about masking tape. I like to use a very wide tape or use two strips for additional holding power.
Also, make sure that you've got at least 3/4's of an inch on the paper it's self, then lay another strip with at least 3/4" on your support. Otherwise as it's drying it may pull out from underneath the tape.

Good luck B, let me know how it turns out. This painting has a nice feel to it. Nice pastel tones.


loriann said...

Hey V,
Welcome to my blog and thank for the comment! I have never pre-wet a piece of watercolor paper ... you can see watercolor is not my real comfort. Does it have to be pre-wet to not buckle?

Hi PB!!!

The paper was very heavy twinrocker, I don't remember the weight. It's paper meant for watercolor. I guess I will try wider masking tape and burnishing. i can tell by you description
a. not enough tape is on my paper b. not enough tape is on my board. It pulls out every time;-(
Learning all the time!
How is your shoulder doing???? Are you sleeping better?-b

Leah said...

Ha! I can comment on this! When I do watercolour with my kids, I wet the paper and the board it's on. If I only wet the paper, it buckles. When I wet both, it doesn't.

loriann said...

Hi LEEEEEaaaaah!!!!!
How long does it take to dry??? Do you let it dry before painting?(I can't use pastel on wet.)
Call me!

Caroline said...

The best weight of paper is 140lb, lay the size of paper you want to use for your painting on your board. Using a large wash brush wet the brush in water and paint one side of the paper with clear water. Turn over and repeat the process. Tape down the sides with a good quality masking tape and let it dry over night or blast it with a hair dryer before you leave home. If you use a very heavy weight of paper it will stand up to alot of water being used on it. Another thing when you paint your first washes make sure the whole paper is covered with washes it will then be less likely to buckle. If you buy cotton paper ready stretched that would solve your problem of not having to stretch your paper before hand. If all else fails pile lots of heavy books on your painting when dry and leave for a week! You can dry mount it onto a board afterwards that also irons out buckled watercolour paper.

Brian McGurgan said...

Beautiful sense of light here, Loriann, and lovely color and texture. It looks like you're getting lots of good input on reducing the buckling of the paper - I'm noting it for myself in case I decide to try watercolor underpaintings again sometime. Your "true love" painting from yesterday on Wallis is beautiful, too.

loriann said...

Hi Caroline, Thanks for the very detailed advice.

Hi Brian!
Watercolor underpaintings have won my heart again. I don't remember your. When did you use them? I would like to see. Thank you about my paintings. I always appreciate your input.

Jala Pfaff said...

Awesome light.

You could always use that gluey sticky brown gummy tape I used...and then you won't be able to get it off. Hahahha.

Donna T said...

Beautiful spring colors you caught in this one! If all else fails you could experiment with mounting your paper to museum board ahead of time. I have used Liquitex Matte Medium to mount pieces of Wallis and UArt and it totally prevents buckling with wet washes. Maybe it would also work with watercolor paper?

loriann said...

Hi Jala and thank you. Thanks also for the brown tape suggestion. teehee

Hi Donna,
I never knew matte medium would mount paper. Do you need to press it? Roll it? Tell me more. I have either bought it mounted or simply used the paper taped to a board. How is the house sale going?

dominique eichi said...

The way I learned it in school eon's of year ago.
Have a small moist sponge make diagonals with it on your paper first then rub the remainder of your paper. Pre cut all 4 sides the brown tape. Wet under faucet your brown tape apply the wet tape on all sides 1/2 on paper and surface, let dry in the sun if you want. Ounce dry you can use a lot of water. If you use a lot of water painting it might get some buckling but it will always dry to a complete flat. I also use a wood board to absorb the water somewhat but any hard surface will do. You will have to cut your edges of your paper because the brown tape does not come off.
I know some artist like to use staples instead of the tape.
I'm sure you will do fine.

loriann said...

Thanks for taking the time to give your method Dominique. I have alot of good advice i just need to figure it out.

Brian McGurgan said...

Hi Loriann. My own attempts at watercolor underpaintings for pastels probably never saw the light of day on my blog. I found myself fighting with the coarse texture of cold-pressed Arches watercolor paper. I also tried it on Wallis but have never cared much for abrasive supports so that experiment didn't go far either, especially when the Wallis started to buckle. If I try it again with watercolor on sanded paper it would need to be on mounted paper, I guess. It's tempting to try - you get such beautiful results from the approach.

loriann said...

Hi Brian..materials matter. I don't like cold pressed, while hot pressed is much nicer...less bumps. Wallis, Uart and pastelmat take the watercolor nicely, but don't use watercolor brushes, use bristle brushes or else you will have hairs everywhere.. I simply tape (1 inch masking/black) down the wallis or uart, but watercolor paper has all the buckling issues. I am sure that once you find a paper you will create beauties. I really know not one thing about watercolor and feel like I am fumbling all the time. If I don't like it I remember it's just a warm up.