Tuesday, April 27, 2010

mysteries that are mine alone

6x6 oil on board
This one has haunted me. I couldn't quite get it. I let it dry completely sanded a little of it off (in the left side reflections), then I glazed more color over it. Now it seems to say what I wanted.
Did you ever think about how we as artists create something from nothing, inspired by something seen or felt? Making beauty and feeling. hmmm.
I have been thinking about the way a work of art is the manifestation of the person who created it. It it holds the spirit of that artist in the shapes and colors. I look at others' works in museums, galleries and online. I think about the person behind the work. That is probably why I enjoy reading artist's biographies. When someone looks at my work I wonder what they see. Have you ever thought about this?

"mysteries that are mine alone".... I think I remember that line from a poem I read long ago. Loved it, still do... wish I could remember where it was.


Casey Klahn said...

That's a good description: mysteries that are mine alone. Can an artist reveal too much? Or, can they never reveal enough?

That's why I enjoy looking at collections/bodies of work. Your recent post of many works, for instance. So powerful that way.

That is one of the things that make artist blogs sing. Long looks at individual collections of works.

loriann said...

Well put Casey.....long looks at individual collections. As far as painting goes ...I think about your question: too much or never enough? Mystery goes a long way. A viewer needs to be involved somehow. How is the question the artist needs to ponder.

Nika said...

One look at this painting and it says to me:" I'm complete, I've come into my own, look at me".
It's amazing how that happens - all of a sudden you realize that the painting has become it's own entity,it's not up for criticism or any changes. It just sits there - a distillation of your experience and hard work, pondering and frustration and yet it's none of those things, it's a thing of it's own...

loriann said...

Hi Nika, You are so right. "A thing of its own."It seems like we are always balancing between thinking and feeling. Truly its feeling, a more intuitive thing that makes it work.