Wednesday, April 28, 2010

grisaille for a new painting

12 x 12 oil on board- grisaille
After a number of small plein air pastel paintings of this scene I decided I was ready to begin a studio painting. On Saturday I made the detailed drawing for this, but after I transferred it to the board I decided to change it in order to create more distance.The board on which I paint has many thin layers of gesso, sanded between layers to make a super smooth surface. The paint was applied with brushes, a cloth, Q-tips and fingers, different tools for different effects.
 Yesterday was varnishing day. All the paintings now sit to dry in flat files. It helps to keep the cat hair off the paintings.


Double "D" said...

Dam ... Just lost a nice long comment.
It was a beauty!

Double "D" said...

Anyway, as I was saying ... I assume the varnished pieces are oil? Or are they pastel.
when pastels are framed, do you actually fix them some how to keep everything in place. I was always told that fixing is not a good thing because it turns everything yellow.

How are you feeling miss B? Everything OK?
I'm doing better everyday and maybe soon will try and splash some color around.

p.s. As Paul says ... you're as busy as a hamster spinning that wheel. A little rest doesn't hurt you know.

loriann said...

Hi PB...sorry about the long comment I would have loved to see it. Glad to hear that you are feeling like splashing color around. Shows that you are feeling much better. Can't wait to see your new stuff.
The finished varnished pieces are oil. I don't spray the top layer of my pastels. That way the little crystals of pastel, each with their little light reflecting sides, can make their beauty on top.
I am feeling better, although stressed- getting ready for a big show always does that. The usual worries..will they look good? will people like them? buy them? So much piling up and way too little sleep.The hamster wheel is alive and well. Maybe I will take a day off someday...even saying it sounds weird.- b