Sunday, April 11, 2010

slow down and using a couch

I am now using more patience and going much slower when I paint in oils. No bravado for me. I like saucy glazes and using a couch onto which apply them. (thanks Sadie) Thinking lean to fat I begin with turp layers. Next I apply a couch of 1/2 turp and 1/2 linseed  to the portion of the painting I am working on that day. It makes a wonderfully slippery surface, paint just glides. Wait between layers. At the end the couch is linseed, stand and no turp. Using this method allows me to play with my strokes and they can disappear or stand out, my choice. I wonder what will happen when I go bigger. These recent ones have only been 6x6. I wanted to SLOW down.
I am also wondering what will happen if I decide to do a closed grisaille (using white and burnt sienna), instead of a turp layer???
I want to go back to that swamp... love found and lost, how tragic!


SamArtDog said...

Slowing down and using a couch? Patience, slower, saucy? Hello, is this Loriann? Maybe the linseed has made you a little loopy, or maybe it's just swamp fever. In either case, get the little lady a tall glass of sweet tea and a hand fan!

This beautiful painting is hauntingly evocative of the late end of a muggy afternoon. Swoon...

Double "D" said...

Hi B!!!
It always amazes me that you can put so
much information and color in a 6 x 6 space.
This one is just gorgeous!

The process and all you go through to create
this painting is a mind bender for me. I'm glad
you have the patience and knowledge and
enthusiasm to put forth in your paintings. Makes
the world a calmer, prettier place.

Double "D" said...

Hi Sam, how did you jump in front of me. You're so over anxious and competitive.

Caroline said...

Your lovely painting really does shimmer! I read with interest about how you used your materials. Have you used liquin, I use it for my oil painting and it is very good for glazing. I did a painting a couple of years ago on very fine linen using the liquin and I managed to get a shimmering effect by using transparent colours and only a few passages of opaque. Have you noticed a difference using the turps and sand oil?

Janelle Goodwin said...

I'm interested in learning more about this process. I've never heard of a "couch". Very interesting and beautiful, evocative painting. Sorry about your lost love!

Lisa McShane said...

Very nice.

I switched from linseed and linseed/stand to liquin this winter because of drying time. Oil. Was. So. Sloooow. I may use linseed again in the summer. But since I've switched to liquin I've gone through 2.5 quarts of the stuff. It works really well for me.

loriann said...

Hi Sam!!! You make me laugh out loud!!!! Looopy..At least I am not sitting in the couch, just painting in it! I am leaving a little less up to chance and a little more up to thinking.
PS I will take the tall glass of sweet tea and the fan! Oh and thank you about the painting!

Hey PB!
Sam beat you to it eh? Thanks about the painting. It's funny, my goal is to create calm paintings..but I am so hyper it is insane. Maybe that's why I need to do it?!? Thanks for all your supportive comments.

loriann said...

Hi Caroline,
I have used liquin and love it. The only thing I do not love is its cautionary label. Due to my health concerns I am really trying to remove problem products. I even now only pastel outside and paint inside. I really love the speed of liquin. I can get a similar effect with a little more patience with linseed/stand.

Hi Janelle and THANK you!! I will explain about a couch in one of my next posts. It is what I learned from Sadie.

HI Lisa!!!
I agree the drying time is much slower. It's funny Jala and I have spoken about it and compared notes. Both of us think about the caution label....I do love it, but I hope I won't go back. It's sort of like diet coke. I love that too... but I know it is bad for my health. (My husband is a cancer researcher and warns me about it always!) I have been trying to give that up as well!!!!
PS Thanks you!

Karen E. Lewis said...

Lovely, rich color. I love the way the sun transmits light into the right-hand trees.


loriann said...

Thanks Karen! The Florida light is so different than here so I had to work hard to portray the moist sultry light of southern Florida.Thanks for your comment!