Tuesday, April 20, 2010

watercolor paper and goslings

6x6 watercolor on Cotman???
Today I returned to the river....but........ I forgot my pastels. How could I forget them you ask?? Yesterday I took them out of my backpack. I felt I should clean the box and replace the tiny pieces with bigger same color pieces. Long way of saying I left the box in my studio. I didn't notice till I was parked, so I dug around in my trunk. Low and behold there was a long discarded watercolor pad of inexpensive Cotman watercolor paper. Off I went.
Now the  goal was different I had to make the painting without my treasured pastels! Yipes! The painting gives me an idea for a bigger one. I did second in a slightly different place. I will post it tomorrow.
One side note: the goslings are out. The Canadian Geese parents crossed the path in front of me. Following them were 5 lemon headed goslings. The parents headed down the steep bank. The goslings stopped and squeaked. One parent came back and encouraged movement. Like tumbleweeds two rolled down the bank and then popped up, kept walking. Oooooooh I love my job!


Caroline said...

oh I just love the freshness of your beautiful watercolour Loriann. A very peaceful scene.

Bob Lafond said...

Definition of Serendipity: creative artist gets more creative. Nice watercolor.

loriann said...

Thanks Caroline and Bob! I think just knowing watercolor was all I could do when I was out there made me slow down. I like your definition Bob.

Karen said...

I know it's a bit late, but, wow! looking through those pieces to go to the show, Loriann, it will be phenomenal. You may feel the 'growing pains', but they in no way show in any of those pieces. So what if you're somewhere else now, they're a beautiful representation of when you made each of them.

Congrats too on the plein air event, and, of course, on making due without the pastels! :)