Thursday, May 27, 2010

chaos, the canal and more WK

about 6x16 pastel and watercolor on Uart

Chaos and peace. I returned to one of my favorite places and decided to paint only the tiniest slice of water. Take out all parts of the landscape that would indicate landscape. I also chose the most extreme format I have. Starting with a part that defied easy description- the areas at the edge of the water, behind the main tree. I am not sure if anyone but me will know what it is.....but is it peaceful?

More WK quotes:
"To see real color, make mistakes, avoid the green disease."

"Let go, the best control is no control." (I like this one, don't you?!)

No control can easily happen in plein air when the subject is complex and making marks of colors in space makes much more sense than seeing things. The goal is to make it always happen.

Now back to the studio with barns, chaos, looking and thinking.


Nika said...

It is peaceful and very harmonious. I love how the the greens and purples weave in and out and make the whole thing vibrate. Bravo!

SamArtDog said...

I have a hard time with, "Let go, the best control is no control." I also had a hard time with professors who were obscure for the fun of it.

I know; letting go freaks me out.

Sally Veach said...

I know exactly "what it is". It is easy to see the water line and the tree/vegetation hanging over it. So you did good if you wanter to communicate that as well as make a beautiful composition of interactions of color.

I don't have enough control--that is my problem. I just want to make marks and not be careful about what mark I am making. I think I am best suited for drawing, to tell the truth. But I love the interactions of color. Maybe someday....

And yes, I do know what SamArtDog means about professors being obscure just for their own amusement! But possibly they want to make you question things on your own? Most likely just ego. lol

Casey Klahn said...

This perspective works incredibly well. Up abstract; down description.

The quote I like is the one about "green disease" and "make mistakes." WK castigates pastelists who want to make perfect pictures.

BTW, Andrew Wyeth liked this view of waterways, too. Also, I did one last year, and I was speaking to a literature class about abstraction, and I took the artwork off of the wall and turned it upside down - it works equally well either way.

They were either amazed, or regarded me as a dumb lecturer who was being obscure for the fun of it.

Sally Veach said...


Double "D" said...

No control is in control ... I call that being spontaneous! It's very abstract but tells the story nicely. Tree's over hanging water. Reflections and ripples in the water. What more could you want.
This is great B!


loriann said...

Hi Nika!
Thanks! This one is a new favorite of mine. Successful in its abstraction and feeling...a balance I find hard to achieve.

Hi Sam,
Some words are harder to live by than others. Letting go of control is probably the hardest aspect in all areas of life.
Obscure professors, eh? I guess I don't remember them.... but that would be frustrating. Maybe I didn't listen hard enough.

Hi Sally,
Just get the right value, concentrate on that alone. Color is really the icing on the cake. Who am I to say...when I eat cake, I only eat the icing..nothing else.

Hi Casey, I will have to check out Andrew Wyeth's waterways. I really don't remember them.
Sounds like your had a wonderful moment there with the literature class. WHy were you in a literature class?

Hey PB!!!!!!
Thanks! Tell me more about your control?

Lynne E. Windsor said...

Loriann, I love this painting. Beautiful colours and I like the format. I have always been drawn to water and have done some semi abstracts... I will post them one of these days!


loriann said...

Hi Lynne, Thanks for checking my blog. I always LOVE your work. I will be looking for the new posts. Don't you just love the odd formats?

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Like the art quotes, love the shimmer!

loriann said...

Thanks Diane!

Adam Cope said...

Dear Loriann :-)

I've enjoyed back-tracking through yr blog, esp. the WK quotes.

What can we say about our friend green?

paint well

Adam Cope said...

ps. great composition!

loriann said...

Hi Adam!!! Thanks for taking the time to backtrack through my blog. Wk does have amazing "to the point" comments.
Thanks about the composition!