Wednesday, May 26, 2010

more WK, the picture takes over

 8x8 pastel (top), 6x6 pastel (bottom) on BFK
"Watch the painting till something happens. It is then you are on a trajectory and the picture takes over and you are no longer imposing your will. The picture has its will."- Wolf Kahn, Friday night

These are work from sketches, with some photo help (something I do not like to use.) Both are done in the studio. I am trying to wrap my mind around  the landscape even though I am not there. I wish I  could be there. This is the best I can do.

Next, I will work with color.
We all know value does the work.


Sally Veach said...

I think they are both fabulous!

Katie Wilson-Bernatas said...

Loriann, I'm very excited to find your blog. Great work. Your barn here rocks!

One Step Away said...

Thanks for sharing the Wolf Kahn quotes. Your barns are terrific, and juxtaposed next to the WK quotes stimulate a lot of thought for painters.

SamArtDog said...

Oh no! You're making me sketch barns. I'll try to contain myself.

What if EVERYBODY did a barn on her/his blog? Just a thought...

Lisa McShane said...

I agree entirely with that post. I paint, I paint and then without knowing when it happens, the painting does take over.

Donna T said...

Wow, that barn has presence! It looks so good in its monochromatic state but I know you will make it sing with color. I really like the landscape with the trees too. That is a wonderful composition! Thanks for the quote - it's a keeper.

Casey Klahn said...

What's more - these are recognizable as Signoris. Bravo!

I did a barn about 2 weeks ago, but our tripod is missing in action. I'll get the photo when I can.

jane minter said...

i like the feel of both of these loriann ...wonderful

Janelle Goodwin said...

These paintings have great presence and warmth. Really lovely! What color is this, please?

loriann said...

Hi Sally and Thank you!!!!!

Hi Katie and welcome to my blog! Thanks about the barn. I still am on uncertain ground. I'll just keep working.

Hi Steve,
Just writing the WK quotes helps em think sometimes. I am glad that you like them too. Thanks about the barns. Anything that stimulates thinking is good. Enjoy!

Hi Lisa, We always hope for the take-over, don't we?

Hi Sam! SOunds like an interesting idea. Maybe you should put it out to the blogosphere.

Hi Donna. Monochromatic is much easier than color. I froze after that. Gotta kick myself in the butt and paint the barn. I keep going to something else. The river, the canal as the barn sits. Push.

Hi Casey!
Thanks about the recognizable Signori comment ... they are unlike Monday's post... egad!
Can't wait to see your barn.

Hi Jane!

Hi Janelle,
I wish I knew what color it is. By the feel I think it is a Diane Townsend- sort of sienna. I take the papers off right away. Sorry, I wish I could be more helpful. Thanks about the paintings!

Double "D" said...

Please stop, these are finished. Pack em up and send them on there way. Ok, I'll wait till there done!
The barn is just as I thought it would be. Like Casey said ... they definitely have Signori's finger prints all over them. WK, what the heck we have LS! She has definitely made a name for herself!

Later B,

loriann said...

HEY PB! Don't worry they are finished just as is. You are so nice and supportive of my efforts. I really appreciate it!
Fingerprints, yes they are mine... so much easier to remove and be oneself in the studio. I'll keep plugging. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Sheila Vaughan said...

Loriann, first time to see your blog (but won't be the last). I came here via Jala and Sam. Your work is so immediate and refreshing reminding us its all about the exploration before the outcome - process not output etc. I love it. And thanks for the introduction to Wolf Kahn. He sounds like he talks a lot of painting sense.

loriann said...

Hi Sheila, Welcome!
Any friend of Sam and Jala is a friend of mine. Thank you about my work and yes WK does talk a lot of painting sense. An icon in his own time, it was quite a privilege to see and hear him speak on Friday night. I'll go check out your blog too. Till next time! L

Jim Haynes said...

Really loving this barn. Great shape of the roof
against the sky and wonderful subtle shapes in the
structure itself. Most sublime.