Tuesday, May 18, 2010

demo painting, the diva in time

10x10 pastel/ watercolor on Uart
This is the finished painting from Saturday's demo.  I said I would blog it when it was finished. The inspiration for it was a small plein air painting I did on the field recently. As explained at the demo the concept was two fold:
One, the idea of life's quick movement through time, beautiful, yet where does it go? Sunsets and dusk are like that...a minute or two is all you have to relish the beauty. Then you carry it with you.
Two, I wanted to sky to be a big part of the painting, yet keep the diva in the right edge of the tree. The feel needed to a special kind of warm- bittersweet.  Normally my concepts are what I see mixed with what I feel. And  I do not share all of this in my blog, instead it is reflected in the painting title.
One comment I heard when the demo was complete,  I had no idea that artists thought so much about the painting. I thought they just painted.

If you really think about it we do juggle a lot of balls, here are a few:
color - harmony, temperature, chroma
Just to name a few things:-D

Amazing we get anything done without freezing, eh?

This was how it looked when I finished the demo. Watercolor underpainting with pastel on top. I knew I needed to show the sky holes and strengthen the sliver of a land mass before the tree. Now it's done.

toodles for now! Loriann


Donna T said...

Wow, is that ever beautiful! You really have a knack for mixing what you see with what you feel. I would have been worried that people would have said "it doesn't look real" if I had done this but I realize that people do want to see the artist's feelings more than they want an exact replica of nature. It's like you take reality and amplify it just a bit so the feeling comes through!

loriann said...

Hi Donna and thank you very much!
I used to worry a lot about that too Donna. At this point I figure that's what makes it special. If people really want what they see there is plenty of art out there that does that so well...much better than I could. So i try to do what I am draw to- painting light and feeling.

Leah said...

Lovely! This one really appeals to me as a sky watcher. I love when I get to see the streams of light from above. You've captured it so well!

Lisa McShane said...

I do like that sky. And I do find the 'I thought artists just painted' comment to be really, really funny! Yep, blank slate with a brush, that's an artist!

Jala Pfaff said...

Cool. So much strong color in this.

loriann said...

Hi Leah! I know about your love of the sky and I am delighted you like this one.

Thanks about the sky. I thought any artist would appreciate it. We think so much and are surprised that others don't realize it. I guess we need to educate.

Hi Jala and thanks!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Wow! And with an audience, too. This is really lovely. The studio touches made it come to life!

loriann said...

Thanks Katherine! An audience brings a whole different feel to painting time:-)

Ann Christine Dennison said...

Inspiring and beautiful work!

loriann said...

Thank you Ann!!!!