Monday, May 17, 2010

dipped in fog

about 7x7.5 pastel and watercolor on marble dust board

My lake, one of my favorite muses, dipped in fog. The color was so white this morning that the small nuances were very important. I chose to underpaint (watercolor) in pink and overpaint(pastel) in greens.
When painting it's quiet but in another way its wonderfully raucous. The bird songs are very complex and loud. I guess there are many more types of birds out there now. The fragrance from the flowering trees blows my mind.
I feel soooooo carefree!


Double "D" said...

Morning B,

It must feel good to be out from under the weight of preparation and reception for your show. I'll bet it was a grand success.

This painting definitely portrays the mood you've described. Always amazed at the knowledge and feeling you have for your paintings.

Be at peace for a while my friend,

SamArtDog said...

Peace and birdsongs. Exhale. Ahhh.....

loriann said...

Good evening PB,
Yes, it feels great to be without the weight. yipeee! Sometimes I am just giddy thinking..I made it!
Thanks about the painting. Can't wait to see your new ones.

Hi are s right. exhale. maybe that's why I soak in the bird songs.

Jala Pfaff said...

Somehow I think the fog ones are nearly almost my favorites. I love the understatedness.

loriann said...

You're right Jala, fog is simply a wonderful thing- it unifies and quiets. In the process all is understated.