Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Even more WK, thoughts on color

Wolf Kahn on color, "Invent your way to make color come to life.  Don't think conventionally. Rules hold you back. Find alternatives. (It's good to know the rules, so that you can break them) The grass isn't always green, it's pink."
Now this is something  with which I can resonate. WK does it with more pazzaz, but I feel color is felt as much as seen....simply not what you know.
This painting was done yesterday purposely  at the same time/ same place as my May 21st entry.  The color is a little different, my choice.

Next here are some of my quick thumbnails from  two barns...With these as my guide, I think I will try to let loose in the studio :-)  This is a far departure from my comfort zone.
Sorry for the bad jegs. I did them in my sketch book with a number 2 pencil.


Sally Veach said...

Awesome! I can see the radiant color just popping off the page, when you proceed in the studio. The great thing about buildings is that you can enjoy working with planes, and that has a wonderful effect on light! By the way, I love the first sketch. I can see your soft vegetation in the foreground, juxtaposed with the strong color planes of the barn.

loriann said...

Hi Sally,

Thank you!!! This particular view is one to which I will always return. I love the way the light goes through the trees.

The first sketch is my fave too. I just did a small pastel/grisaille of it. I like it and may keep it just as a pastel. I will post it tomorrow.

SamArtDog said...

You said, "I feel color is felt as much as seen."

Wow, look at that sentence! Nobody tells the truth about ourselves better than ourselves.

Look at the deranged perspectives in these sketches. Why, you'd think you've been hanging with WK. Can't wait to see these barns in your own heart-felt colors.

loriann said...

You make me laugh Sam!! Look at those deranged perspectives. I understand why he did it...it makes them interesting and not barns but shapes.

What do you think...is color felt ?

Double "D" said...

Hi B,

I see some awesome barn paintings in your future!
You've already got the hang of it with composition,
weird angles and cropping. If you keep them loose
like the sketches they should fall right into your impressionistic style with colors running the gamut.
Can't wait to see them. Shoulders coming along nicely with more range of motion, slightly above shoulder level. Still doing PT.

Double "D" said...

I forgot to mention ... have you been watching Mark and Remark (Bob Lafonds blog?). Check his recent series of barn paintings and the sketches.

SamArtDog said...

What do I think...is color felt ?
Creepy-crawler green, shivery blue, and hot hot red. Well, yah!

Bob Lafond said...


I hope you don't take offense, but I have to admit, I am gratified to see these barns in your wonderful style and manner.


loriann said...

Hi PB, I like your crystal ball. I guess we will see what happens. And yes I know and admire Bob's blog. Love his wavy barn. I am happy to hear the shoulder is coming along. Keep up the PT.

oooooops you are so right Sam!

Hi Bob, King of the Wavy Barn,
I am not offended at all..and I am not sure why I would be. Thanks for checking my blog. i am as interested as everyone else to see what will happen.