Monday, May 3, 2010


about 6x10  pastel and watercolor on UArt
Another late afternoon painting. One recent realization I have had is that, for me, the interest is in the big undefined space- a body of water, a large field a sky. I like making a different understanding of space and light without "things" doing the describing. The icing is the little piece at the top or bottom which indicates landscape.. More later for realization 2!


Karen said...

Ah, this realization sounds SO familiar to me!! It's so difficult to do I think.
I think the way you handle and are so much thinking about the vibration of colors is one way you completely make this work. Because you've got all this subtle movement/action going on, so you don't need a lot of 'stuff'.
And I am intrigued about #2....

loriann said...

We are kindred spirits Karen. Keep tuned for number 2, 3, and 4.