Sunday, May 30, 2010

what makes an artist special

At last Friday's WK lecture Wolf began by saying that his talk would be "off the cuff" since he speaks better that way. Then he began to talk about "what makes an artist special" His words wove in and out. He said his Grandmother made him special, feel talented. She would share his work with everyone. He went on to talk about the let down one feels after art school when all of a sudden you aren't special anymore. That's when the real work starts. His advice was: don't think conventionally. Rules will hold you back. Invent color, make it come to life. Find who you really are.
This morning the air was full of humidity. I LOVE that. Color saturates those water particles. Color has always been the key for me. Learning to think value first was the work. You don't have to "make yourself," just be yourself.


Sally Veach said...

Thank you for that gem of advice. I think inspiration comes from the doing, and who you are will come to light in time, I guess!

Loved your work that was on display at Waverly Street!!!!

Janelle Goodwin said...

I've enjoyed hearing Wolf Kahn's philosophy on art and life! Lucky you for being there and lucky us for hearing about it from you. This painting is indeed special - love the bright green grass and analogous colors in the trees (with the peekaboo light)!

loriann said...

You are right Sally! I am glad you enjoyed seeing my work at the gallery. Thanks for making the time tot stop by.

Hi Janelle!
I was very fortunate to be able to hear WK and am happy to share what I heard. Thanks about the painting!

Jala Pfaff said...

I hate being in humidity, but wow, look what it does for your painting! So beautiful.

SamArtDog said...

You've actually painted the air! I saw it this morning but just looked again and it really is the AIR. Between that and the diva edge on the trees, well, you've got magic here.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Today I studied the color of the distant hills. Not green. Not blue. Not violet. Just a glowing vibrancy. You've captured it here! Beuatiful!

Donna T said...

I think my feet got wet just looking at this painting, Loriann! You really did capture that cool, moist morning air! Beautiful! As always, I find it fascinating that we artists have different struggles. Value comes more easily to me. It's choosing the 'right' color that I find so difficult. I think you and Mr. Kahn are both blessed to be able to express yourselves so effortlessly with color!

Sonya Johnson said...

Love the saturated colors in this painting! Humidity makes me shrink away and run for the nearest air-conditioned building, but clearly it is a good thing for you :).

Thank you for sharing some of Mr. Kahn's words on your blog; I'd love to be able to attend his lectures.

loriann said...

Hi Jala,
Humidity is magic for color and skin....try it you might like it.

Hey Sam!
Painting air...why that's the best thing I have heard!

Hi Katherine,
Studying color that's the best thing you can do. Seeing and feeling. Thanks about the vibrancy! How is Alaska?

Hi Donna!
Wet feet, oh dear! You are right we have our own personal struggles...but that is a good thing. Thank you about my color...putting me in the same sentence as WK is quite the compliment.Did you know there is a barnstormer paint out in frederick county in June? Wanna come? I might. L

loriann said...

Hi Sonya and welcome to my blog! Humidity is a color enhancer, that alone makes me LOVE it. I am glad you have been enjoying WK's words. He is amazing! I'll stop by and check out your blog as soon as i have time. till then..paint on!

Casey Klahn said...

Colorist confessions. Color - then value. This could be considered subversive, but if the painting works, it works. Of course the values have to be right, but how will one invent color if one doesn't think about color?

loriann said...

Hi Casey! So you think color first? I guess I think it in tandem. Inseparable. Color is why we paint...value makes it work. We could just write about colorist confessions, that could be fun!