Wednesday, June 2, 2010

house on the hill

Last night was the time to eat, meet and greet plus get your canvas/boards stamped. I stayed only a short time since the light outside was getting so good. It's weird to be in a new place and not know from which direction the light will come. (when I was here last weekend it was raining) I drove to my chosen location only to learn that it was front lit..the most undesirable light. I passed this intriguing view  along the way, so I returned. A field of long grass leading to an empty house. My goal was to create the warm June light and I didn't want the house to feel empty. Rather it needed to feel like a child could run through the grass after she had finished dinner.
Now I am waiting for the first light..almost time to go.
It's much harder to paint under pressure.


Caroline said...

I like the grass it looks like there is a gentle breeze blowing across it. The colours are very pretty, you certainly got a lot done for an evening stroll. Don't rush your work, relax and let the work flow. One of your best works it really is lovely.

Donna T said...

The house doesn't look empty at all. It looks protected by those gorgeous trees and it makes such a nice light catcher on that hill! I hope you won't feel too pressured, Loriann. No one else there can interpret the light the way you do. I just hope it's not too hot or humid.

Sally Veach said...

I think being in the new location and group environment has resulted in new life in this work. The fact that you had to stretch our of your comfort zone paid off! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your work from this trip!

Karen said...

You are doing just fine under pressure! :) I love that hill leading diagonally down in the back.

Casey Klahn said...

This one is one of the best - among many great works!

Maybe the changes in light will be a challenge, or maybe they will give you new freedoms, too.

Take care and paint well!

SamArtDog said...

To me, your grass is as good as your water. Now, that's saying something!

I love it when you paint this time of day.

loriann said...

A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL MY BLOGGER FRIENDS! I really appreciate the encouragement!

Thanks Caroline,I really struggled with this one and worked on it long past sunset. Today has been better. last night I felt like I was warming up.

Hi Donna!
Isn't that wonderful how the old houses in the middle of a field are always in an envelope of trees. Thank you for your kind words!

Hi Sally!
Discomfort can be good. Let's see what happens!

Hi Karen!!!
I just paint on...and on.... and on.

Hi Casey!
The light is different here. There is much more space with the open fields and the mountains trap in the light. New color. Thanks for the encouragement.

Hi Sam!!! Grass and water are equals, eh? Thanks!

Paul said...

I really like this one, has an etherial quality, awesome squigglies

loriann said...

WOW, it's Paul on my blog!!!! What a surprise! Thanks about the painting!!!!!!

Pam Holnback said...

You really captured the light on the house. Love the complements.

Sara Mathewson said...

hi Loriann,

I am fairly new to your blog. I come to you via Casey's blog. everyday I wait for your new painting to show up in my email. They are all so beautiful. I have to agree with the others that this one is special. the light is wonderful in it. i love the morning mist ones too but i guess this time of day the light is just so nice and you have really captured it. Just wanted you to know I'm a new fan of yours:)

loriann said...

Hi Pam and thank you!!

Hi Sara and welcome to my blog. (and a thank you to Casey for sending you my way). It's funny when I had painted this one I was disappointed in it. I felt I wasn't able to achieve the feel I wanted. I was so very critical of it. I am starting to see it in a new light. Thanks for your kind words.