Tuesday, June 1, 2010

fog on the farm

A morning quickie, Then I took off to Cumberland. After an afternoon of sketching I am ready to go get my boards stamped for the event.
The photo is from this weekend when my husband Paul's parents were visiting. They wanted to see some of my painting locations. So here we are at the canal.  I learned that Wes(Paul's Dad)  actually follows my blog...so Hi Wes!


Leah said...

'fog on the farm" is lovely! Have lots of fun painting at the MMPA!
The lupins are just beginning to bloom here.

Donna T said...

I love those soft, morning colors, Loriann - very nice piece! I saw your show today! Your work looks so good here but up close and in person ... wow! (Congrats on lots of little red dots too!) I hope this week provides good painting weather for you! I look forward to seeing all that inspires you.

Casey Klahn said...

That jolt of turquoise is the stuff! Way to go - you've definitely invented your color in this and it sings.

Sally Veach said...

Beautiful piece--yet again! Enjoyed the pic of you, your family (very sweet!), and the beautiful location. What a great source of inspiration!

loriann said...

Hi Leah! Ohhhh the lupins..what color? Send me a picture ok...it will sort of be like I am there. And thanks!

Hi Donna,
Thanks so much about my show and thank you for making the effort to stop by the gallery. As for painting weather, it is luscious-warm, humid with a breeze. Till later.

Hi Casey, A turquoise fan you are.Glad the colorist like the color..that is a high bar.

Hi Sally,