Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the lake and watercolor underpaintings

8x10 pastel and watercolor on marble dust board
Couldn't resist the peacefulness of the lake this morning.
This gives me a good example to talk a little about underpainting.
When I looked at the lake I see the colors on top( the highlights on the water and  the light refraction (off the trees)  I also see what is underneath- the pinkish/muddy water of the lake, and the deeper purple shadow of the understory of the trees. Then I see the color of the whole. Does that make sense?  When using the watercolor I aim only to paint the underneath. I layered some pinks in the water and sky and purple values in the trees. When using the pastels I don't try to get the RIGHT color I try to make the right color with many pastels. I choose colors to harmonize...not always what is there. I guess that's why I just use the tiny heilman box.

Another note, I have been working hard at night (of course not using painting time) to make the online sales the opens on Thursday. So far 31 paintings are included. Some of them are so good I am having second thoughts about not sending them to the gallery.  I think you will like them. Wait and see. I hope Thursday comes fast!


SamArtDog said...

Love all the colors adding up to glassy water.

Great tip about using a "tiny" box. Sometimes too much choice is the bane of pasteling.

Donna T said...

Those sure are harmonious colors, Loriann. Would you say that you think of your underpaintings mostly in terms of color and not necessarily value? Maybe there's hope for me yet if it's possible to let the pastels do most of the value work, after a colorful underpainting is done.

loriann said...

Hi Sam, Some artists like a really big box. I find that it hampers me in the wilds. To each her own, eh?

Hi Donna,
Good question ...color and value, simultaneously. Your works is beautiful...just enjoy!

Caroline said...

It looks as if the lake is just bursting with light. Lovely and very interesting to read about the painting process of layering. I like the pink mud layer of the depths that is shining through.

loriann said...

Thanks Caroline!

Marian Fortunati said...


loriann said...

Hi Marion, dreamy...sounds good. Thanks!

Casey Klahn said...

So free!

Someday I want to know your marble-dust board recipe.

loriann said...

Hi Casey!
Thank you!
I wish I could give you a real recipe...I do it the way I cook. I think this one was golden pumice gel mixed with more marble dust. Sometimes I use gesso. And I always sand them a little- on location, not before...yep I carry a little sander. A little smoother here, a little rougher there. The fun is in the surprise, but it can also be the frustration.
till later- loriann