Monday, June 21, 2010

paypal advice

As promised, here is the paypal advice merchant advice. This has nothing to do with painting unless you want to sell your paintings on line. Making the online show was quite a learning experience for me!
1. You can only receive actual tech help by sending a request online. There is NO tech support on their telephone number. Agents sometimes put you on hold for 30 plus minutes to find the tech support. Finally a helpful agent told me they do not have tech agents in the customer service building.
2.When you do create an "add to my cart" button make certain to do step 2  track inventory( it says's not really optional.) This is where you get to choose that there is really only one painting....not an endless supply.
3. After creating all the add to cart buttons be certain to make a cart!
As I write this I know it sounds like"boy she really is a dummy" live , learn, suffer a little frustration. By me sharing that maybe you won't have frustration:-)
That's it for now...I will post a painting in a little bit.


SamArtDog said...

Hope all your effort bears fruit. You so deserve it!

loriann said...

Hi too! Thanks for purchasing Thaw.