Sunday, June 20, 2010

the field, henry matisse

 12x24 watercolor only on Uart,
This is my goal, wrapped up in a quote by Matisse, "Good color sings. It is melodious, aroma-like, never over-baked."
My new challenge is going bigger en plein air.  This painting is the biggest one I have ever attempted on site- 12x24 !!!! Just the underpainting alone has taken 2 days (2 different early morning sittings). The light is warm and humid, yet it is morning light, which is cooler than evening light. The jpeg on the bottom was done the first day.  The second day I added a warmer feel so that I could place the cooler refractive qualities on top with pastel the next day..See the development here.

Happy Father's Day everyone, especially Daddio and Wes (my father -in-law)!

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Casey Klahn said...

I often look to HM for inspiration - good job getting his quote. He must have whispered in your ear during these sessions.

I look forward to your progress!

Double "D" said...

Good Morning B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, wow! It's great to watch you push the envelope, but it's awesome to watch you jump out of the envelope. You're a courageous woman and painter B!
You certainly accomplished a great deal during the first sitting. I like both versions, I'm glad you let us see the process. Musically speaking this really rocks!

Can't wait to see what comes next!

Double "D" said...

Hi again,

B, are you using gouache or transparent watercolor?
What's the surface like on Uart?

Dewberry Fine Art said...

Your color and application...just wonderful.

loriann said...

HI Casey, You are right HM is a truly inspiration artist.I hope he keeps whispering in my ear.
PS Happy Father's Day Cssey!

Hi PB,
Uart is finely sanded paper. It accepts watercolor eagerly, yet knows when to stop. I am using transparent watercolor, but I must admit I use chinese white. The reason for the white - Uart is a beige color and I feel if I want a vibrant underpainting it needs some white. When I use Wallis I do not use white.
Thanks about the bravery... I was amazed how different it was -trying to more than double my normal size! I use a 1 inch brush and it seemed to small. Maybe I need to take out my 2"studio brush.
I think this painting will take 2 sittings outside as well.

Happy father's day!

Hi Dori and thank you!!!!!!