Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the light game and an interview

Once again I experimented with differences in texture: reflections in water and air in skies. But the main thought on my mind was threading. What do I mean by threading, you say? Well, since I decided that the light fog/low lying clouds made a violet light I knew that violet was the color that needed to thread through the entire piece to harmonize. The places where the light came through were golden. Important pieces of information to keep in my mind each time I would chose a color.

Speaking about the color of light...I have been playing the "light game" where ever I go and you can play it too.... even when you aren't painting.  Observe the light. Then close your eyes and describe it in full. What is the color of the air? What color threads through the entire landscape? What are your lights doing? What color would you describe the sky and its light? Be specific. Tonight when I was hiking in the dim light, it seemed as if the sky was a white gold glow. Naming that I tried to choose (in my mind) which stick of pastel I would use and what would be the underpainting. All this and I didn't even have my paint stuff with me.

Whistler used to challenge himself. He would absorb a scene, its every color. Then he would turn his back and describe it in full. His friends were free to correct him. I doubt that he was wrong.

On another note, during my workshop study time with Richard I was slowly, question by question, completing an interview with him. We never did finish all of my questions. I will save them for another time, but we did cover many questions. So, hold on to your seats, another treat is in order for you.... a special interview with the pastel god himself, Richard McKinley. Since I am still traveling you must be patient. ;-)


Casey Klahn said...

These two have great depth. Bravo!

I look forward to the interview you'll publish. That will be pure gold, I feel.

Nika said...

This is good. Really really good. That little violet mark on top of the water on the right just makes me want to cry...
Once again, you're right. Being an artist is about seeing and interpreting what you see, you can do that anywhere, not just in front of the easel.
I'll be impatiently waiting for the nuggets of wisdom from the Pastel God:)
Thanks so much!!

SamArtDog said...

What I noticed was all 3 secondary colors--violet, green and orange. Of course, every one is made of the other two. Nice harmony.

Double "D" said...

Hi B,
Nice piece, although very calm for you.
I was driving into some dark clouds this p.m. and was studying the colors. I remembered your writings from this post so I closed my eyes for just a few seconds...I was at a stop sign. I tried to describe the scene. My imagination works too slow. All I could see were the actual colors of the scene. No illusions of light color.
I'll keep trying.

Caroline said...

I really like the glass like shine on the water and the nice colour harmony. Very refined and almost orderly realism I guess. I wonder if you will paint as you did in the Spring time again. I loved those wild pinks and blues with colours dancing everywhere, impressionistic and wild too.

SamArtDog said...

Comparing the two, yesterday's was bolder and more exciting.

Dalibor Dejanovic said...

Nice work! Very expressive, you have a way of playing colors off of each other making them even more vibrant and alive.

loriann said...

Hi Casey and thank you! I can't wait to have some time to put it all together and share it with everyone!

Hi Nika, Thank you....You will just love the nuggets that will be coming your way!

Hi Sam! The triad of secondaries...the gift to the landscape painter. Good observation.

Hi PB, The game is hard to play and takes lots of practice...keep working at it. Honestly, it has sharpened my observing skills.
Calm.... hmmmm that's new for me!

Hi Caroline!
I can't predict! What is orderly realism?

Hi Sam!
I agree.

Hi Dalibor! Welcome to my blog, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Thanks!

Caroline said...

sorry there was meant to be a comma in between orderly, and realism! I was tired!