Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a study in aerial perspective

9x18 pastel and watercolor on Uart

I am fortunate to be living in a wonderful house while I am in La Conner. My bedroom and deck look out to this. The Tivel family has been so gracious to allow me to stay with them...lucky me. It's my home away from home.  Every year I come home to "my room." I have watched this view for years and finally I painted it.

Aerial perspective or atmospheric perspective, it has both names, is what it's all about. What you need to consider in order to make it work is the same though. When planning this painting I purposely strengthened the foreground colors and consciously decreased the colors in the distance.  Chroma, strong in front, weak in back.  Size is another tool and of course linear perspective is another.

On another note, today I will meet fellow blogger Casey Klahn for some early morning plein air painting... More on that later!


Leah said...

Nice view!

Double "D" said...

I would say your room does have an awesome view!
A beautiful unusual painting due to the view.
Lucky you to have such grand friends.

Donna T said...

Very nice! I thought you were back in MD, Loriann but I'm glad you're still out there painting. Enjoy the nice weather while you can.

Caroline said...

Very successful Loriann the perspective is very good, I do get the feeling of looking down onto a view in the distance.

B Boylan said...

I feel an emotion in this that I have never encountered prior with your work. Very emotionally rich, I'd say!

Karen said...

Oh my gosh! reading through your workshop posts...I feel like I was there just a bit...the thing you wrote are SO essential; I have to read it all again.

And the work looks so good, strong, somewhat different?. This piece is just amazing.

I can't wait to see what happens when it all gels. :)

Casey Klahn said...

Now I know where you have been staying (sort of recognize the place). I also recognize this from your sketchbook!

Glad you appreciate your digs, there. Another fine place to stay in that area (ahem) is the campground at Deception Pass - in case you need such a thing.

While you are on Whidbey, I meant to say I recommend Ebey's Landing and Nameless Bay for painting spots - they are farther south on the island.

Stay warm on the coast, and it was wonderful to meet "The Loriann Sognori," who is a real person.

loriann said...

Thanks Leah...we HAVE to catch up! I will let you know when it is possible!

Hi PB...now after looking at this painting I know I have to do more. Th chroma needs to be intensified in the foreground and some shapes changed. More work for later!
And yes, I know I am so fortunate!

Hi Donna!
I will be here for over two more wonderful weeks! Yay!

Hi Caroline!
Thank you! I see its faults now and will repair later.

Thanks Brenda!

Hi Karen! Good to hear from you again! There will be more information later..when my time frees up a little. I am happy to hear that you find it useful.

Casey...a campground, eh? You think I might need that sometime? I will find time to check out your suggested places..thanks!
It was wonderful to meet YOU!!